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a few months back when I was just chilling at Baby’s house, we caught this Taiwan Drama Serial called the “Office Girls“. Honestly, ever since I caught the first few episodes of Office Girls on Starhub Cable TV, I found myself addicted to watching the drama serial and I just could not wait for new episodes to be released. And for those of you whom know me really well, I haven’t really been watching the TV ever since I completed my GCE ‘O’ Levels. So, thanks to Baby, I found myself addicted to TV once again and honestly, TV is actually quite a good source of entertainment, information, and education!

So anyway, Office Girls is a Taiwan Drama Serial and as far as I know, only Starhub Cable TV broadcasts this show in Singapore. [thank God for Starhub Cable TV]. And just in case you are wondering what the genre of this drama serial is, it is a romance-comedy kinda drama serial consisting of 25 episodes in total. Filming for this show started in July 2011 and the show was broadcasted in August 2011. Anyways, the last episode of the drama serial was broadcasted in February 2012 in Taiwan and hence, the show is relatively quite recent and new. [Starhub is now showing the 22nd episode I think]

Now, the reason why I am “promoting” this drama serial [no, I don’t get any commission or fees from this] is because I felt that this show is really worth catching. Though the serial is only 25 episodes in total, the storyline of the show is quite solid and it is also pretty balanced in the sense that you will feel satisfied having caught this show. In fact, while watching this show, I found myself portraying all sorts of emotions like happiness, sadness, jealousy, and even anger at times. So, I must really applaud the actors, director, and crews for putting up such a fantastic drama serial because it really does bring the audience on a emotional roller-coaster ride. And… the actors are all so yandao and chio!

And by the way, they even have a dedicated website  <– for the show and even a facebook page <– to connect with fans! That’s really ultra cool because you know what, the reason why Singapore drama serials cannot make it is because they lost touch and don’t connect with the audience! More often than not, Singapore drama serials are often “propagandas” and contain some messages that… … [you know I know can already]. Hence, I really really admire Taiwan for its contemporary pop culture that is so unlike Singapore!

Synopsis of Office Girls [from Wikipedia by the way]:

Sheng Xin Ren (Alice Ko) is 25 years old this year, and is a low-level staff in the sales department of Jing Shi Department Store, and has worked there nearly for 4 years.

Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu), 28, is son of a wealthy family who just graduated from MBA in USA and returns to Taiwan. His father Qin Mu Bai (Shen Meng Sheng/???) is the chairman of Jing Shi Department Store.

Zi Qi initially thought after his studies, his father will give him the rights to operate the Jing Shi Department Store. However, his father tells him that if he wants to take over the company, he must passes the test to work as low level staff in the sales department for 1 year, and obey the 5 rules, if he breaches any of the rules, he better be prepared to find another job.

As a result, Zi Qi comes to Jing Shi Department Store as an assistant in the sales department. In these 365 days, he not just only receive a low salary, but he will have to also accept the deployment of other staffs. He can no longer mixes around with friends, cannot drive his car, cannot shop for branded items and cannot afford to dine in a fine restaurant he also has to endure the crowded public transport everyday. His colleagues regard him as an odd job labor and often look down on him but they do not know his real identity.

At first, Zi Qi disagrees with Xin Ren who is responsible to bring him on the job, and despises her “Office Survival Guide” theory, but the “Grassroots Life Saving Theory” has managed to save him for a few times. Finally, Zi Qi got used to a normal live and after solving several major things in cooperation with Xin Ren, he also began to enjoy working in the sales department.

In order to arouse his own son’s morale who is smart but not intelligent, Mu Bai hires the person-in-charge of a well-known boutique agency Yu Cheng Feng (James Wen) as the general manager, and wants his son to battle with him. Cheng Feng’s handsome looks and his serious and responsible leadership style, made him popular not long after he joined Jing Shi Department Store, becoming the ideal prince charming in the minds of the female employees. Will Qi Zi who is jealous works harder due to the external stimulus effort?

After long time together, Qi Zi finds that he is falling in love with Xin Ren. As he realizes, Cheng Feng who he has always seen as a competitor has also began to pursue Xin Ren.

A 15 mins preview of Episode 1 of Office Girls:

One of the theme songs of Office Girls:

Well, if you really want to catch this show but do not have Starhub Cable TV, you can always find it on Youtube! Enjoy!

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