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please pardon my absence from the blogging scene as I have been really held up with so many assignments and projects for my part time studies. I will try to blog as often as I can but I can’t promise that I would be able to blog daily.  Well, today I am going to introduce to you this place known as the Bottle Tree Park located at 81 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun).





As Baby and I have been thinking of visiting the local parks to see the latest eco-developments, and I wanted to do some Longkang Fishing, we decided to head down to Bottle Tree Park to take a look. When we arrived there, we were so amazed that such a place do exist in Singapore as the drive in to the park felt rather “Malaysia”.

When we reached, we saw the bottle trees (they were imported from Australia) and we were so amazed by its shape and size!





After taking a few photographs, we headed to the fishing area which were bustling with so many children and adults. Here, you can choose to do prawning, longkang fishing, or just fishing, and the rates are pretty standard across the board.

The Fishing Area

Patin Pond Rules and Regulations

$5 per Fishing Rod (Quite a reasonable price. However, should the line break, you got to pay another $5 for a replacement. When trying this out, please be extra careful if you are bringing children along as I know of one incident where a child went blind because the person who cast the line accidentally hooked the eye of the child)

This is how Aggressive Fishing in the Patin Pond Can Be, So Please Look Out for Children Behind/Beside You

The Prawning Pond is Not Bad A Place to do Prawning. Price is Similar to Their Competitors.

Being a child at heart and wanting to relieve my childhood memories (my mum brought me to Kids Kampong @ Pasir Ris Park to do longkang fishing before but it’s no longer around) of longkang fishing, I decided to go down to the pond and fish for some tetra fishes. It was an easy task for me as I more or less know the technique of catching the fish using the net provided. The cost of lonkang fishing is $10 (inclusive of the net which is to be returned after fishing, and a tank which you can keep and put the fishes that you have caught). The best part is, there’s no time limit.

The Longkang Fishing Area

That’s Me Trying to Spot for Fishes

A Kid Putting Her Catch into Her Tank

My First Catch of The Day

After Two Hours or so, This Were What I Caught

For more information about the operation timing for fishing and the exact prices, you may click here <–

After the longkang fishing, Baby and I took a walk around the park and found out that there are a few restaurants (Japanese/Chinese/Seafood/Bar) which we might consider trying someday. There is even a paintball arena (Red Dynasty Paintball) and a circuit for RC car racing.

For more information about the paintball arena, you may click here. <–

For more information about the RC car racing circuit, you may click here. <–

Swan Paddling

What Bottle Tree Park has to Offer

Seriously, there’s so much things to do at Bottle Tree Park and they even have venues/function rooms available for ROM/Meetings/Conferences. If you ask me, Bottle Tree Park is definitely worth a visit and its really suitable for families to get together (plus there’s activities for children to keep them occupied). In fact, Baby and I are definitely going back there again to try some prawning. To find out more about Bottle Tree Park and what you can do there, you may click here. <–


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