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if you have noticed, we have been putting up many blog entries about significant events and you must be wondering whether we would be coming out with restaurant/food reviews anytime soon. Well, today, I am going to introduce you to this place known as Ice Cube Cafe @ Serangoon Gardens.

About Ice Cube Cafe

Ice Cube Cafe is a really cosy cafe that serves homemade ice-creams, finger snacks, and cakes. It is located around Serangoon Gardens and to be exact, its address is 11 Kensington Park Road. Should you need to place an order for ice-cream cakes/need them to host your event, their contact number is 62828126.

Our Experience at Ice Cube Cafe

Well, we have been visiting Ice Cube Cafe frequently and we really love their cosy ambience. Most of the time, we would order ice-creams and seriously, you ought to try them as they taste really good. Not just the ice-creams alone, but you should also try their waffles. The service provided by the service staff is above average as they would recommend to us their specialties upon placing our orders. (they really know their products well) Well, besides ice-creams, they do have fingers snacks and main courses on their menu as well. The price here is reasonable and its worth checking out this place.

What is So Unique about Ice Cube Cafe?

Seriously, the unique selling point about Ice Cube Cafe is its cosy ambience and really premium quality ice-cream. If you prefer an alternative to the usual Swensen’s, Haagen Daaz, and Ben & Jerry’s, you should really visit the one and only Ice Cube Cafe in Singapore. For such high quality ice-creams, the price is really reasonable and what’s more, you can customised and tailor made your own ice-creams. The in-store promotions is also quite worth it, especially for Students who are looking for a really cool place to chill. And if you’re looking for ice-cream cakes for a special occasion such as birthdays, you ought to try the ice-cream cakes that Ice Cube Cafe has to offer.

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Here are 2 photos of the desserts that we ordered:

Waffle with Apple Cinnamon Ice-Cream served with Caramel Sauce, $9.90


Volcanic Eruption, $9.90


So do check out Ice Cube Cafe if you happen to be passing around Serangoon Gardens!

Bon Appetit!


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