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this post is long overdue but I am still going to put it up anyway.

So yes, as you can read from the heading, this entry is going to be about my first experience to the F1 race that was recently held in Singapore. This F1 experience would not have been possible if not for my Uncle who proudly sponsored the tickets for us to the F1 race.

Seriously, I have never been a fan of F1 nor have I actually keep myself occupied with the progress of the race. And honestly, even after attending the F1 for the first time this year, I doubt I would really keep up with the race.

What Was it Like Being There?

Well, if you’re ever attending the F1 next year, DO NOT drive/take the bus/or take the taxi. The road blocks are a pain in the ass and it resulted in massive jams all over the city. The best form of transport would be the MRT. So when I met up with Baby at the Raffles City Shopping Centre’s Starbucks, we went to the nearest entrance and presented our entrance tickets. Outside, the loud zooming sound coming from the race cars were really deafening. I don’t really understand how some people could put up with the loud sound for such a long time but Baby and I decided to purchase the ear-plugs and protect our ears for $2 (I think they odd to have ear-plugs included in the ticket price/have some sort of goodie bag)!

The food and beverage inside really cost a lot, so you are recommended to have your own meals outside before going in. Also, its really crowded at certain areas, so do take care of your own belongings. Prior to entering the race track, there would be a security checkpoint where you have to get your ticket scanned and have your bag checked. If you purchased a ticket that permits you to sit at the Grandstand, you don’t necessarily have to sit at the seat that you have been allocated to on your ticket (this is because most of the time, people rather walk about then stay put at a certain place).

After a long day of walking and experiencing the F1 race, I concluded that I probably might not attend the F1 again because of the many inconveniences. If I really want to, I would probably just watch it on the television. However, whether or not ticket sales for next year’s F1 would go up (because its the last year for Singapore to host the F1), I really don’t know. To me, I feel that the novelty idea of Singapore hosting the F1 has somehow dwindled and only true blue fans of the F1 would continue to support the F1.

For me the exciting part of the F1 was only hearing the zooming sound of the F1 racing cars (which gets pretty annoying after awhile), and watching the racing cars crash into something. Other than that, seeing racing cars zooming away is probably boring for 30++ laps!

Here are some photos of the event taken with the Iphone:



It’s pretty amazing that the Iphone can capture this shot!








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