Hello Everyone,
today I am going to share with you a really nostalgic and beautiful side of Singapore that probably is one of the rarest place you would come to know about (those who have been to OBS would probably know this place)

So anyway, after a really long day yesterday due to school project, Church service and all, I was at the Punggol Marina/Park together with Baby and her mum. When I reached the place, it really brought a lot of fond memories to me (the first time I was there was when I was in Secondary 2, and the reason why I was there was because I had to take a ferry to Pulau Ubin for a team-building camp organised by the Southeast Community Development Council). The last time I went there, it was full of tall bushes and trees, you know, like a jungle actually. But now, the place has really changed a lot and there’s even a viewing/fishing deck, similar to the one at East Coast Park (known as the Bedok Jetty).

When I went there yesterday in the evening at around 7pm, it was low tide and you could see people streaming down to the beachfront building sandcastles and catching crabs/fishes. Nearby the area, you could see a Kelong (fishing farm) and the surrounding islands. The air there is fresh and its not as crowded as East Coast Park. But a word of caution here, as the street lamp posts are not in operation, certain areas of the park are pretty dark and deserted at night, so I STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you to travel there alone or even in a group, especially at night.

By the way, there is a Police Checkpoint there to which you can get help, if necessary. And also, to get there, there is only one bus in and that is Bus 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange (waiting time is really long, so be prepared). If not, you could either hail a cab or drive there if you have a vehicle. For those of you students wanting to learn more about how the Japanese conquered Singapore, you can head down to the World War 2 Punggol Beachfront Site which is about 5-8 minutes walk from the viewing/fishing deck. If you’re sensitive to paranormal activities, DON’T head there (I mean the WW2 Beachfront Site) at all, especially at night (like I said, its World War 2), so you get what I mean.

Seriously, other than being cautious, I’m really sure you would enjoy the scenery there and also feel the nostalgic scene of Singapore (those uncle and aunties/parents in your 30s/40s would understand what I mean when you go there). Its in fact a very nice place to bring your children to. So, if you have the time, do check out this beautiful place before it gets overly crowded (probably in another few years time). Here are some photographs taken by my baby (pictures taken at night using Iphone, so quality ain’t very good)!






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