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yesterday, I participated in an outdoor game, “Rush Hour 2” which was organised by one of my friends from Church. I was very impressed with how the game was organised and readers to my blog might want to consider using this methodology which would in fact help save you manpower and costs.

About This Game (Rush Hour 2) and How It Was Played

Everyone of us were divided into groups of 4 and within a time span of 2 hours, we were to locate 6 checkpoints as a team and solve missing riddles that would direct us to a place where we had to take pictures as a group in order to receive our next clue. The final checkpoint would be where groups are to play a game which consists of two tasks and which would ultimately determine who the winning group is. The mode of transportation for this game is a single seater bicycle for every members in the group and at least one double-seater bicycle per group. Note that this game is a simple adaptation of a treasure hunt game played in a very different way.

Manpower Required to Organise this Game
2X Game Masters

  • Organise the groups
  • Conduct a site recce prior to the start of the game
  • Conduct a briefing as how the game is to be played, the rules and regulations involved, and etc
  • Monitor the progress of the groups
  • Issue out clues and verifying the clues sent by groups

1X Safety Master

  • Conduct a safety briefing to groups as to what are the things to look out for and whom to contact in case of any emergencies
  • Check the weather and lightning forecast periodically
  • Be stationed at key and essential points where accidents frequently occur/Roam around the area to ensure the safety of participants
  • Carry out first-aid when the situation arises/need be
  • Know where the nearest medical centre/clinic is should a casualty evacuation be needed

Logistics Required

1 X Smartphone with Camera  (must have Whatsapp installed) per group and for the Game Masters as well
1X First Aid Kit (sufficiently equipped for cuts, bruises, falls and etc.)
1X Bicycle per member in the group and for Safety Master + Game Master and 1X Double-Seater Bicycle per group for 2 hours (can be rented from the various Bicycle Rental Kiosks)
2X Balloons, 1X Styrofoam Cup with Holes Punctured, 1X 600ml empty bottle, 1X 1.5L Distilled/Plain Water (for the final showdown) per group
Prizes for all the participating groups

Prior to the Start of the Game
Game Masters are to plan out the routes which the various groups will take and the various clues/riddles that they want the groups to solve. In this blog entry, I would focus solely on the concept that my friend came out with, hence, the way to planning and playing this game can vary as to what you might want to come up with.

Rush Hour 2- Our Own Local Adaptation of the Famous Treasure Hunting Game

Mission: to locate 6 checkpoints within 2 hours as a group using single-seater and double-seaters bicycles as a mode of transportation within East Coast Park.

Note: clues to the next checkpoint are only sent out after the completion of the present checkpoint. A group photo must be taken at each checkpoint and sent to the Game Masters via Whatsapp as evidence that the group was physically there.

Our First Checkpoint: -a place where prince and princess lives happily ever after

                                                                   Our Second Checkpoint:- list the 9 terms and conditions regarding the usage of the Xtreme Skate Park in descending order












Our Third Checkpoint:- locate the 76527 panel at the Bedok Jetty

   Our Fourth Checkpoint:- locate the number “12” rock

   Our Fifth Checkpoint:- what is the price for unlimited wakeboarding and water-skiing at the 360 degrees lagoon

   Our Final Checkpoint:- locate me; I am tall and yellow in complexion, I am only useful at night and not in the day. I guide the ships safely to the docks.



Alright, after completing 5 checkpoints, we had to journey all the way back to the Bicycle Rental Kiosk and take a group photo as evidence. After which, we received the final clue to our last checkpoint for the entire game! As mentioned above, our clue was to locate a yellow lighthouse at ECP and well, it was pretty easy for us to know where it is. The only issue was that we had to journey all the way there on foot (the distance is approximately 1.2km and below). My apologies that I do not have the photos for this part of the game as they have not been uploaded yet. Nevertheless, when we reached our final checkpoint for the day, we had to complete two tasks:

1) Count the number of steps from the bottom of the lighthouse leading all the way to the top of the lighthouse. (40 steps is the answer)

2) Fill up a 600ml Empty Water Bottle with Sea Water using only 3 items given. (a styrofoam cup punctured with holes, and two balloons). Note that the bottle has to be stationed on top of the lighthouse at all times.

-Being the team leader, I divided my group into 2 so as to quicken the process of gathering the sea water and at the same time ensure that there isn’t any need to run up and down the lighthouse too many times. Within 2.5 trips, we managed to fill the 600ml bottle with sea water and emerged as Champions for the entire event! (the trick is to use the balloons given as balloons have a larger capacity than the punctured styrofoam cup)

Advantages of Using Technology to Organise An Outdoor Game

  • Little manpower is required to organise this game as there are no need for Game Masters to be stationed at the various checkpoints
  • Costs is efficiently managed as all correspondences between Game Masters and Group Members are via Whatsapp, unlike traditional treasure hunt games where clues are issued in hardcopy format.
  • Minimal supervision required by the Game Masters as cheating in the game is greatly reduced

Disadvantage of Using Technology to Organise An Outdoor Game

  • Using Whatsapp is a great way to manage correspondences between Game Masters and Group Members. However, there is a downside to this because when there are a flood of messages and pictures being sent between the Game Masters and the Group Members, it might cause  a lag time where clues/riddles are sent out really slowly. Hence, resulting in time loss for the Group Members. To overcome this, it would be good to have 1 Game Master to liaise with 1 Group directly.

Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.


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