Hello Everyone,
today, I am going to share something rather personal to me and readers’ discretion is strongly advised so as to avoid any misunderstanding or misconception.

This week has been a week of learning and personal reflecting for me. Seriously, I have  been living in denial ever since I OOC-ed from the 82/11 OCC and since then, I have perhaps taken many people for granted and have been complacent in so many ways that I seemed ungrateful to the people around me. However, I guess the most important person in my life that I had took for granted would be God Almighty Himself. And perhaps not just Him alone but many other people too; my parents, siblings, girlfriend, friends, and etc.

I remembered how Pastor Kong would always teach us to  priortise our lives in this order. 1) God, 2) Family/Loved One, 3) Career/Ministry, 4) & All Others Things. And honestly, I guess I haven’t been putting God first in my life for the last 9 months or perhaps since the day I enlisted. But God has always been really good to me all these time. When I was in BMT, I lamented how I always don’t have time for Church and family but still, I tried to make time for both. Thinking that the “green” life would be suitable for me, I almost signed on as an Intel Spec but thank God, I declined the contract as SAF considered my ‘O’ Levels as my highest qualification instead of the Diploma I had. This also meant to say that as such, the only Command School I could go to would be SCS. Ironically, I proved everyone (even those from the ARC) wrong. It was a divine intervention that I made it to OCS and that baffled many people whom knew me because even ARC felt that I could not make it to OCS given the fact that they considered my ‘O’ Levels as my highest educational qualifications.

When I got posted to OCS, I wanted to do well and make my parents proud. I gave in a 101% effort knowing very well that no matter how tough the training at Hotel Wing was, it was going to be for my own good. However, deep down within me, I struggled because of my priorities. Going to Church was difficult because most of the time, book outs were on Saturday evenings and I had to book in on Sunday mornings for my IPPT training (which was applicable to those who did not get Gold for IPPT). The time I had with my family and loved ones were even getting lesser than the time I spent with them during BMT. I struggled for 5 months in Hotel Wing and OOC-ed during the Professional Term. I don’t know whether I should thank God for my injury or not but I ought to thank Him for the fact that I am where I am now.

Its been 4 months now since I left Hotel Wing and yes, I have learnt many lessons about Loyalty, Filial Piety, Courage, Fortitude, Determination and etc. My Wing Commander had imparted and taught me lessons that were valuable and to me, it was indeed an honour to have come under his leadership and the rest of the commanders as well. Hotel Wing will always have a place in my heart. H stand for Heart and H stands for History too. I’m still in the midst of recovering from my injury and many other problems have surfaced due to my inactive lifestyle. As such, I am going to start embarking on my training regime to ensure that I lead a healthy lifestyle. To those who are commissioning on the 15th of October, congratulations! You have definitely earned your rank and its not easy. I hope you guys will be the best commanders that your men can hope for and that you will bring honour and glory to Hotel Wing wherever you are posted to in the next phase of your NS journey!

As for me, at this juncture of my life right now, I got to re-priortise what really is important to me. And yes, I will go back to the very foundations and basics. 1) God, 2) Family/Loved Ones, 3) Career/Ministry, 4) All Other Things. Hence, I will make it a point to attend service every Sunday and cellgroup every Friday. I will do my best to ensure that no matter how distant I may be, I will still draw near. Secondly, I will put my heart and soul into spending more time with my family members and loved ones and not be so “dum dum”. However blur as I may be, I will try to be very sensitive to the needs of others and ensure that their emotional needs are met. Though I can’t be perfect, in God, I am made perfect. Thirdly, I know that the Security guys really wish that I could go back and serve, and I thank God that I have leaders over my life whom have been praying for me. I guess, your prayers have sheltered me and blessed me in every ways possible. Though not easy for me to serve at this juncture, I hope that once my foundations and priorities are once again re-laid, I can go back serving and ministering to the congregation. Fourthly, as I am about to embark on the last lap of my NS journey which will last for less than 12 months and also begin my further studies, I hope that I can once again shine and glorify the LORD in all that I do and pursue. Filled with much enthusiasm, ideas, and hopes for the future, I pray that I can once again catch hold of the fire and zest that I used to have.

To God be the Glory Forever and Ever!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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