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pardon my absence from the blogging scene for such a long time as I have been very packed with events, work, and studies! Finding time to blog now is really hard but no matter what, I will still try to put up a few entries weekly.

Well, today I am going to blog about Jack’s Place at Serangoon NeX.

Some Background Information About Jack’s Place (as extracted from their website <-< here)

Jack’s Place started when Mr. Say Lip Hai arrived in Singapore from Hainan island and started as a cookboy with the British troops in Sembawang learning how to prepare the perfect roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. After learning the skills, he started his first restaurant, which was called Cola Restaurant and Bar. The restaurant served the British and Commonwealth troops and their families residing in Sembawang neighborhood.

Mr. Say Lip Hai’s break came when a British housewife tasted the steak prepared by him and suggested that he start a catering business in her husband’s pub in Killiney Road. Her husband’s name was Jack Hunt. Mr. Say agreed with the condition that he take over the whole operation leading to the birth of the famous Jack’s Place Steak House. Jack Hunt sold the business to Mr. Say in 1967.

Today, the company is led by an aggressive management team, comprising of 2nd and 3rd generation family members and professional managers.

The Table Set-Up & Menu


A pretty classic table set-up commonly found in fine dining restaurants. If you ask me, it looks very much like the setup for the restaurant service lesson that I had at Shatec Institutes. Nothing really fanciful.

What Baby and I Ordered @ Jack’s Place

Lobster Bisque Soup $4.40


The Lobster Bisque Soup is tasty and flavourful; in fact, tiny pieces of lobster meat can be found in the soup although it isn’t much. However, I have had better Lobster Bisque elsewhere than what Jack’s Place could offer. As usual, the soup was not piping hot.

Baked Rice with Chicken $13.50


I don’t really fancy cheesy stuffs, so this dish does not really appeal to me. On the other hand, Baby felt that it was so-so and just average.

Grilled Chicken $13.50


Ok, the portion may look quite big but seriously, the taste didn’t quite meet up to my expectation for the price I paid. In fact, I could have gotten a much bigger portion at Aston’s and the taste of Aston’s Chargrill Chicken is way way better!

Banana Split with 3 Scoops of Ice-Cream $4.40


I guess the only thing that’s probably ever nice and worth buying in Jack’s Place is their desserts. The Banana Split that I had was really fantastic given the fact that the portion is huge for the amount of money I paid. The bananas were really fresh and the ice-cream just made it a sweet ending to our dining experience at Jack’s Place although the main course wasn’t that great.

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Ice-Cream $4.40


The Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Ice-Cream was fantastic as well. The chocolate brownie was soft and chewy and the chocolate ice-cream complements the brownie really well. Thumbs Up for the presentation!

Overall Dining Experience

Overall, the service rendered by the service staffs were slightly above average and they were very courteous and polite. Food wise, I would not recommend Jack’s Place unless you’re going for steaks, escargots or desserts. If you have some spare cash, then you might just want to give Jack’s Place a try, otherwise, you could get better quality food elsewhere (for e.g. LENAS). The total cost for the both of us dining there was $52.45 and with this amount, we could have had a more sumptuous meal elsewhere. Nonetheless, there’s no harm dining at Jack’s Place if you’re loaded with moolah!

Bon Appetit!





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