Hello Everyone,
first and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who attended the event that Jacqueline and I hosted for you all. It was really an enjoyable evening for the both of us and we hope you too had a great time as well. Throughout the course of planning for this event, both Jacqueline and I learnt alot and there will definitely be more of such events in the near future. It’s really funny how a simple event such as this can really cause us to find out who our real friends really are.

Aldaias, Alex, Sarah and Jayrah:

You people are really the best bunch of friends whom are ever so true and dear to the both of us. Without your joy, our lives would never have been ever so brightened up. Jacqueline always shares with me that she can never go home without a stomachache when she meets you all and I have to agree with that. (with both my hands and feets raised up). It’s really sweet of you all to stay with us till late and truly, we enjoyed your company and we hoped you all did too. I am definitely looking forward to our K-session in two weeks time! =)

Meng Kian, Vanga, Sam, William, Min Hua, Ray, Jabez, SQ:

It’s been a year since we known one another and it’s one more year to ORD for all of us! Honestly, BMT was the best time of my life and it has been an honour for me to have known you guys. If not for all of your constant support and encouragement, I would not have made it to OCS and nor could I gotten a silver for my IPPT. I really missed those times we had in the bunk and they are memories that will always have a place in my heart… The bee incident, the freaking muddy outfield, the turn on lights incident… and etc. thinking about all these made me laugh back at how silly we were! Vanga, you’ve been a man of your words and you always stand up for what’s right. You have been a great friend and you always will be. I look forward to 15 October when I can salute you and greet you, “Sir!”. For the rest of us Specialists and Corporals, let’s keep on striving and in turn to come, end our service to the country with duty, honour, and country, Ninja Company, NINJA! (oops.. Go Go Whiskey) =P

Xin Ying, Ming Wei, Kenny, Shu Hui, Zhen Zhao, Chao Han, Winnie, Jing Yi, Cheryl:

You guys are the closest friends we have in Church and thank you for being so hospitable and ever so patient with Jacqueline and I. We appreciate your presence for staying with us till late and we definitely did had a great time with you all around. Though many things may not be the same now as it was in the past, we hope that our friendship are above and beyond the superficial surface. While there are many things that ought not to be spoken about, we hope you would understand the reasons for the decisions that we choose to make. Human as we are, this time of our lives may perhaps be the most trying time indeed. Nonetheless, we hope our friendship stays the same and if not, be even greater and stronger.

And for the Rest of You Whose Names Are Not Mentioned!:

Thank you all for coming. Your presence is indeed appreciated and we hope you have enjoyed yourselves as much as we have enjoyed organising the event for you all. For those who have yet to pay for the event, please kindly transfer the funds via I-banking/ATM transfer to the designated account number. If in doubt or in denial mode, please ring me up!

Just to share this piece of news with everyone, the total number of people that attended the event is 27 (an attendee is defined as one who has eaten and drank). The total expenses for the event is $440+. Using simple mathematics and a calculator, one would have realised that this event is a deficit one. But don’t worry about that; Jacqueline, Vanga, and myself have worked that out amongst ourselves. So, a reminder for those who have yet to pay for the event, please kindly do so to avoid being blacklisted in the future (just kidding). Thank You Very Much!

Photos for the event will be uploaded into the upcoming blog entry tomorrow. So stay tuned!



Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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