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initially, I wanted to talk about how unfair things really are but after much consideration and counting of my blessings, I ought to see things from another perspective. What may be unfair to me may be fair to others, while what may be fair for me may be unfair to others. And yes, its mind-boggling  indeed. So, I shall talk about guitar instead. This is also one long overdue post but again, for memorial sake, I shall put it up. Before I continue, let me remind everyone that the Free Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway Contest <–< is still on so do submit your entry if you haven’t.

So, What About the Guitar?

Well, on the 30th of August (a Tuesday), Baby and I in collaboration with Kenny organised a mini guitar jamming session. Its not exactly a jamming session but rather, we got together to learn more about the guitar, the various styles of playing songs on the guitar and also conducted a super crash course lesson for Cheryl who is interested in learning the guitar. Personally, I have 8 years of experience playing the guitar and have taught students since 2006. I own two guitars, one which is a Yamaha CPX Acoustic Guitar, and the other, an Ion-Audio Electric Guitar (which I use when playing the guitar discreetly is required).

I was inspired to play the guitar in 2003 when my ex-teacher, Mr. Chin, whom was in charge of the Student Council that time, picked up the guitar and started playing some family chords and sang some songs. Hence, I decided to enrol myself into a music school and there and then, my mum bought me my very first guitar which cost $70. Honestly, my very first few and subsequent lessons were really painful. Pressing chords on the strings with my fingers were so difficult and blisters developed soon after. There were times I wanted to give up learning the guitar altogether but I’m really glad that there were friends around me whom were extremely patient with me and began to guide me step by step. [Derrick Kam, one of my closest friend at Nanyang Polytechnic, was fundamental in my progressive learning of the guitar].

When I joined The Strikeforce in 2005 (a local percussion group), my guitar skills improved a notch higher as I was able to use some of the drum beats I learnt in percussion and integrate them when playing of the guitar. During the period from 2005-2008, I have performed for many internal and external events and have also begun teaching students from children aged 6 to adults aged 30. And in 2009, I enrolled into an Intermediate Guitar Course conducted by the Church. Since then, I have never stopped playing the guitar and I’m continuously learning more about the guitar day by day. In time to come, I will write more articles about the guitar for e.g. how to buy a guitar suitable for your own use, what are chords, a little bit about music theory, strumming and etc.

Here are just some photos of our mini guitar get together session:








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