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this post is really long overdue but nonetheless, I am still going to put it up for memorial sake.

Baby and I went to the Hari Raya Night Bazaar at Geylang Serai on the eve of Hari Raya and the place was seriously jam packed with people; though not as packed as what COMEX is like. The atmosphere was really lively and happening. In fact, the whole of Geylang Serai was filled with so many stores selling stuffs that we don’t even know whom to buy from as there were many similar items and most of them had comparatively the same prices. Being a thrifty shopper that we are, Baby and I decided to throng the whole night bazaar in search of the best deals.  However, we realised that our effort was futile and we decided on buying what we were hunting for (cookies!). If you haven’t tried any homemade cookies made by your fellow Malay friends/neighbours, then you’re really missing out! I was glad to have Malay friends/neighbours who always invite me to their place for visitations and ever since then, I enjoyed eating the homemade cookies, especially the one made with honey and cornflakes!

Along the way, we also stopped by some stores and looked at what they were selling and also grabbed some Ramly Burgers and drinks. Seriously, the place ought to have better air ventilation because it was the first time I felt so stuffy that I could have fainted from the lack of air and the warm heat! Nevertheless, we did enjoyed ourselves admiring the beautiful culture of the Raya celebrations and the amazing lightings that flooded the streets!

Here are just some photos that we took:

The Street Lightings



What Some of the Stores Sold






Henna Tattooing




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