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I went to the COMEX 2011 held @ Singapore Suntec Convention Hall with Baby today and man, its jam packed with people! Even before entering the convention hall, there were already truckloads of people wheeling their 27-inches televisions, monitors, printers, laptops, and etc. at the Esplanade MRT Station. Even the escalators are regulated as the whole convention halls and ballrooms are flooded with tons of people!

Crowd Regulation @ The Escalators on the Ground Floor


This Just Shows How Packed The Event Really Is


Sadly, we only managed to take two pictures as carrying a camera shooting around is so inconvenient because of the heavy crowds! But seriously, the deals and bargains are pretty good. In fact, I’m glad I went there with Baby as I gotten two 4GB Memory RAM at $56 and a 4GB micro SD card for $6.40! Now, my Blackberry Bold 9900 can shoot and store endless photos and music while my Dell Laptop can run at trailblazing speeds!

They also have a whole loads of other cool electronic items that you may want to check out. Although I would very much want to list the deals that are available, there is just too much information to type here. So, I would suggest and recommend all of you to head down to COMEX 2011 personally and check out the great deals available.

Some Pointers to Note:

1) I know that all of us are always on the lookout for best price best quality items. But seriously, when you pay peanuts for something, you really get peanuts; but when you pay more, you get something of higher quality and standard.

2) When you buy items there and the vendors tell you that the item has a One Year Warranty, it could mean that the item spoils easily. So, go for an item that has longer warranty periods like 3 years.

3) Prices between the vendors there are pretty much standard and almost the same. So, don’t go for the PRICE, instead, go for the freebies they give you! Freebies can be anything like HDMI cables (for television), wireless Dongles (for wireless routing), trolley (for lugging big bulky items like printers/televisions/monitors), memory cards (for cameras/phones), tripods (for cameras), and etc!

4) Seriously, competition between the vendors are pretty stiff. So, this means that you can bargain for good deals and also ask for more freebies!

COMEX 2011 will be on till 4 September 2011 so don’t miss it because prices for electronic items will definitely be further reduced. Admission is FREE!

If you are looking for a specific brand or item, visit the direct link <–< here for the floor plans so that you can plan how you want to navigate your way around. For more information about the event, you can visit the COMEX website <–< here





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