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pardon me for my one day of absence from blogging due to my National Service commitment.

Today, I am going to blog about this awesome Japanese restaurant known as Tampopo Grand located at Ngee Ann City.

Ambience of the Restaurant

Although we (my mum, my brother, and I) visit the restaurant in the afternoon, it wasn’t very crowded nor packed. The restaurants gives diners a warmth and cosy ambience. There are even private dining rooms available for privacy!

Restaurant Ambience



Simple Table Setting



Tampopo Grand


Tampopo Special Lunch Set (I ordered the Sashimi and Sushi Set)


Tampopo Lunch Menu


What We Ordered

My brother ordered a Tampopo Set B, My mum ordered a Tenzaru Soba (sorry no picture of that), and I ordered a Sashimi and Sushi Set. For side dishes, we only ordered the Shishamo. In total, the bill amounted to $88.60 before taxes. The beautiful thing about dining here was that we were given this special loyalty members card where every $10 we spent, we could earn one stamp. Upon reaching 18 stamps, we would be entitled to a 50% discount off the total bill for our next visit!


The Sashimi and Sushi Set that I Ordered



The Shishamo


Tampopo Set B (Comes with Chawanmushi, Appetizer, Tempura, and Soba Fish)




Overall Dining Experience

  • The Sashimi and Sushi was very fresh and neatly sliced.
  • Chawanmushi was serve warm and not piping hot, pretty disappointing.
  • The appetiser and soup tasted pretty average.

This was our second time dining at Tampopo Grand and honestly, I felt that the pricing was pretty reasonable for the quality of food we had. Although Ichiban (another Japanese restaurant that I usually frequent) serves a rather similar Sashimi and Sushi Set as Tampopo Grand,  I felt that Tampopo Grand’s was way much better, considering the fact that they are almost similarly priced. The Sashimi at Tampopo Grand is really fresh and neatly cut, unlike some Japanese restaurants where there were even bones found on the Sashimi! The tempura was evenly-fried and was not very oily, and the Shishamo was grilled crisp and nice. Hence, I daresay that Tampopo Grand is worth visiting if you are looking for quality Japanese foodfare.

Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to visit Tampopo Grand again to get my 50% discount. Anybody want to tag along? =P

Bon Appetite!


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