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How I came to know about the Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention?

I was randomly browsing through the events calendar on Suntec City’s webpage and blurted out about this Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention to Baby when we were talking on the phone one evening.

How We Ended Up Being at the Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention?

Baby and I were supposed to start training for our Standard Chartered Half Marathon yesterday at East Coast Park, but after my seminar at Shenton Way, we decided to head down to Suntec City and take a look around. However, when we reached Suntec City, we were pretty excited about the Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention when we saw the event poster and hence decided to purchase the entry ticket that costs us $10 each.

Our Return Stamp for Re-Admission to Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention 2011


Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention 2011 Posters


Our Entrance Tickets to Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention 2011 which Costs Us $10 Each


Map/Floor Layout of the Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention 2011


Excellence Signages of One of the Toys Store



Some of The COSPlayers We Saw


IMG_0471-Animated Box


IMG_0513with Red Ranger

IMG_0525with Mario and Lugi

IMG_0524with Ironman

Some of the Interesting Stuffs We Saw

IMG_0485-Caricaturists Sketching A Cartoon Portraiture

IMG_0479-Wall of Superheroes Posters

IMG_0480-Captain America Figurine

IMG_0477-Batmobile Model

IMG_0476-Ironman Figurine

IMG_0502-Cute Toufu Toys

IMG_0504-Star Wars Droids Figurine

What was Really So Interesting About the Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention?

There were so many interesting things to look at and there were so many toys to shop for, but in this blog entry, I will will only be detailing the highlights of those more significant things/stuffs that we experienced during the event.

1) DragonNest Game Promotion

I first heard about the DragonNest game when I was at work. One of my colleagues introduced me to this game and he was pretty excited about getting everyone in my department to play this game so that we could have something to talk about during work. Honestly, I don’t exactly have much time for games because I have tons of work to do (not NS work) but rather, some other work like blogging, spending time with family members and loved ones, and taking care of my pets (my Triops and Betta Fishes). However, for those of you who have loads of spare time for gaming, you ought to try this new game by Shanda Games. Click DragonNest <– for the official game website and you can download the game from there.

Also, if you dread downloading the game directly from the website, you can borrow the DVD from me too (I purchased it at a price of $1 at their booth), just drop me an email or a sms.

One of the Promoters Promoting the DragonNest Game


The Event Coupon Given to Us to Catch Stuffed-Toys Upon Registering to Play the DragonNest Game


The Stuffed-Toys That We Were Supposed to Catch


Baby Trying to Catch the Stuffed-Toys but Failed (Same for Me too)


2) Tamiya Racing Competition

Baby knows that I have a liking for Tamiya cars because I have been searching for them high and low at all the major toy’s store (including Toys’ R Us) but they were nowhere to be found. Alas! I have found them right here at the Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention and boy, was I really excited! They were even having a Tamiya Cars Racing Competition and we saw a lot of passionate participators from all over the world! Now, I finally got my own Tamiya Car Kit thanks to Baby and she even got one for herself too! Check out some photos below:

The Champion Trophy for the Tamiya Car Racing Competition


This Person is Really An Avid Tamiya Car Racer


Another Avid Fan of Tamiya Cars


Even Uncles Are Interested Too


One of the Race Cars Used For the Competition


Me Choosing What Car Kit to Work On


The Track for the Tamiya Car Racing Competition


3) 501st Legion, Singapore Garrison

Ok, the final highlight of which I would like to touch on is the 501st Legion, Singapore Garrison. Do visit their website <– here!

What is the 501st Legion?

Since 1997, the costuming organization known as the 501st Legion has spread the magic of the Star Wars genre worldwide through its authentic-looking costumes, and has become the leading force in fan-based charity events. The 501st, also known as “Vader’s Fist,” is truly dedicated to brightening the lives of those less-fortunate.

The Singapore Outpost was started in 2002 by Timothy Lucas Tan. By 2008, they received Garrison status when our numbers had grown well beyond 25.

If I had not visited Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention 2011 with Baby, I would not even have come to know that such an organisation exists. And honestly, I wouldn’t even mind joining them to do charity events by wearing a Star Wars Villain Costume because serving the community is really meaningful. During the event, we joined in the Droid Hunt where Baby and I had to avoid being seek out by the Imperial Droids. And in such a huge event like this, we thought it would be rather difficult for them to find us but guess what, we were caught by them! It was indeed so much fun and we even managed to take some pictures with them.

Kudos to the volunteers as they really worked hard and were very accommodating towards everyone.

The 501st Legion, Singapore Garrison


Baby with the Droid Hunt Tag


Me with the Droid Hunt Tag


Photoshoot with the 501st Legion


Held Captive by the 501st Legion!


The Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention 2011 have definitely brought wonderful memories for Baby and I. It was fun, entertaining, and really exciting. More of such events should be held in Singapore and I believe that there will be more to come as Singaporeans are becoming to be more engaged in comics, manga, arts, and collectibles! Stay tuned for more interesting posts soon! =)


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