Value Investing Mastery Course by Dr Wealth

The Value Investing Master Course (VIMC) is Singapore’s number 1 deep value investing course and you will given a blueprint to picking value stocks and investing for profits. In just 1 day, the value investing mastery course will equip you with the ability to analyse any stock in just 15 minutes.
Look forward to learning:


Fully Functional Investing Strategy
The entire Conservative Net Asset Value (CNAV) investing strategy will be revealed. You will be able to implement the strategy the moment you graduate from the VIMC.


Calculating True Value of a Stock
How to calculate the true value of a stock – the essential financial figures to focus on.


Reducing Your Risk
1 important criteria to drastically increase your margin of safety.


Exact Buy And Sell Conditions
Detailed and actionable guideline to determine buy and sell points of a stock.


Identifying Warning Signs
Cutting loss is an important skill that successful investors must master. We will be revealing warning signs that allow you to identify when to cut loss in your investments.


Investment Game Understand Your Investing Psychology
Discover your personal investing psychology and decision making process and discover what you should avoid when you invest.


What I Personally Think Of The Value Investing Mastery Course:

I was introduced to the world of trading many years ago and I failed very miserably; to the extent that I lost quite a princely sum of money to the market. Since that painful lesson, I decided that trading was not going to be a profitable option for me (though I still trade; albeit on a smaller scale) and I started to invest in the ABF SG Bond Index Fund and the NIKKO STI ETF.

As a Retail Investor, I do not have a large capital to begin with and if I were to buy stocks through DBS Vickers, Lim and Tan Securities and etc., my minimum sum of investment would be the equivalent of between SGD$3,000 to SGD$5,000. If you do not have such a large sum of money, I would recommend that you buy stocks through Standard Chartered’s Online Equities Trading as their brokerage fees are the lowest in town. The only downside is that although the stocks are owned by you, it is held by the bank and if the bank goes bust (which is not likely to happen since it has a strong backing), there goes your investments.

Even though both of my investments grew bit by bit (about 9% returns on investment every year), I was not satisfied and I went online to search for alternatives. I chanced upon a few investment articles written by Alvin Chow (Founder of Big Fat Purse which later acquired Dr Wealth) and I was extremely intrigued by the strategy he uses to pick stocks.

Thanks to Xeo Lye, the Founder of Wongamania, I had the honour and privilege of meeting Alvin in person and I had the opportunity to attend the Value Investing Mastery Course conducted by Alvin Chow and Louis Koay (Co-Founder).

Having attended the VIMC, it has empowered me with the ability to calculate the Conservative Net Asset Value (CNAV) for any kind of stocks and if you give me any stock, I am able to tell you in 15 minutes if a stock is worth investing.

Just so you know, the CNAV Strategy is very much based on Fundamental Analysis and there is no Technical Analysis involved. However, for Fundamental Analysis to be effective, there is a need to derive some important data that can be found in the Annual Reports and the VIMC teaches participants how to analyse income statements, balance sheet, and cashflow statements.

I will definitely recommend VIMC to retail investors because the it is a very easy course to follow and all that is required is a pen and calculator. Trust me, the course is unlike any other kind of previews you perhaps have attended before; the VIMC is the real deal where you literally get access to the entire content with no additional gimmicks. However, do note that all investment strategies have its pros and cons and the CNAV Strategy may not be suitable for all investors.