World Cup 2014


Last Friday was an extremely tiring but fruitful and eventful day for us because we witnessed how Spain got thrashed so badly by the Netherlands for the 1st time in the history of the World Cup. As the Spain VS Netherlands match only kicked-off at 3am in the morning, you can imagine how sleepy and lifeless we felt especially after a long day at work.

Thankfully, we were very glad that food and drinks had been planned and arranged for us by BRAND’S and that really kept us awake throughout the match. With most of the matches taking place at irregular timings, how would you survive this World Cup 2014 season?

To survive this World Cup 2014 season, a bottle of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken will help to keep us alert throughout the game and if you have an Instagram account and you would love to share with us how you survive this football season, you can stand to win a pack of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, a pack of BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest, and a $50 Takashimaya voucher!

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Instagram Contest Details

Share through a photo on Instagram; what it takes to survive this football season, and stand to win a pack of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, a pack of BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest, and a $50 Takashimaya voucher! Increase your chance of winning by incorporating BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken into the Instagram photo or description!

To participate:

1. Entries must hashtag #BRANDSGameOn #GameOnXAWinsomeLife and tag us @awinsomelife
2. Instagram account must be set to public
3. Contest duration: 1 week, starting 16 June (Monday) to 22 June (Sunday)
4. 2 lucky winners will be announced on our Facebook Page within 3 days after the contest closing date.
5. The 2 winning entries will be posted on www.brandsgameon.com.sg
6. The winning entries will be selected by us and priority is given to entries with BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, and entries that have shown wit/humour.

Have Fun & Game On With BRAND’S!

Oh and if you want to drink BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with a twist, why not try and create the ‘Game Changer’ mocktail? All you need is

60ml Orange Juice
30ml Lime Juice
15ml BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken…

& viola!

As you know, soccer season is upon us and it’s time for the biggest matches to commence! Our favourite football club is, as most of you would probably know, ­­­­­­­Liverpool, but this time round, it’s bigger than just the clubs; we’ll be rooting for Germany to win!
To get our blog into the mood for the coming month, here are 5 things that we’re definitely looking forward to this football season:

  1. The Atmosphere

The timing of the matches for this year is set to be more irregular, with the group stage matches all occurring earliest at midnight in Singapore. Thus, the usual places such as Clarke Quay will be quiet, with a number of bars not opening past their normal operating hours. There’s still hope to catch some of that football fever though, sites like TimeOut Singapore have listed great places to go absorb the lively atmosphere, watch the match, and have some good beer grub at the same time!

  1. Social Gatherings

What better way to use this opportunity to invite your friends over or go over to a friend’s place and have some bonding time? Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, it’s a good excuse to catch up with your buddies by having a house party.

  1. Hot bods to look out for

Footballers and WAGs. Who said you had to pick a Top 10 list of all the hottest footballers on the planet? With the best footballers congregating on screen for your viewing pleasure, you won’t be short of eye candy for the next 25 days!

  1. Winning Bets

While the detriments of gambling should always be emphasized, it’s always fun to have a friendly wager (or three) on who’s going to win that next match with your best buds . It certainly adds to the excitement of watching eleven men chasing a ball on a field, doesn’t it?

  1. The Beautiful Game

The term ‘Beautiful Game’ was first said to be used by legendary footballer Pelé, and truly it’s the accessibility of football; how easy it is to pick up, understand, and play.  Football definitely unites people and transcends differences. Even if you’ve friends who aren’t soccer fans, chances are they won’t mind catching a match or two as a get-together!

And if you’re hosting your friends to come over your place and watch the World Cup 2014, here’s 5 things you should stock up in your fridge!

1. Beer

Studies have shown that consuming everyone’s favourite fermented beverage in moderation can lower your risk of stroke; but it’s okay to go slightly above moderation on occasion when you’re celebrating the win of the country you’re supporting! Be sure to stock up your fridge with ample supply for you and your friends!

2. Hummus

Simply because everything goes with it. Hummus makes for a perfect dip, and is delicious with pretzels, pita bread red peppers, carrots, you name it! An easy crowd pleaser with crackers for the gatherings of 15 hungry people in your house watching the next big game. Need we say more? More reasons to have more hummus here.

3. Salsa and Tortilla Chips

A quick hack to making a wholesome salsa dip is to buy a batch of chunky salsa, and then making it even heartier by adding in more fresh ingredients like chopped fresh tomatoes, onions, and chilies. Don’t forget the corn chips too – salsa is only complete with you dip some tortilla chips in and savour the chunky sauce with crunchy chips.

4. BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken

As an all-natural health food supplement, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken can help reduce stress levels and contribute to a relaxed mood. It also increases mental concentration, improves short-term memory and immunity, alleviates task-induced stress, increases metabolic rate, and boost energy. Perfect as a pick-me-up and vitality booster in this season of late nights! This will definitely come in handy if you have to go back to work the next day.

5. Cheese Sticks

Not only do they taste great, but they come individually wrapped. It really doesn’t get more convenient than that! Also, if you’re feeling up to a bit more preparation, fried mozzarella cheese sticks are always a party favourite.

Psst, in collaboration with BRAND’S, we will be running 3 separate contests for all you readers and in total, there will be more than SGD$300 worth of BRAND’S Products and SGD$350 worth of Takashimaya Vouchers to be won!

To get you started, the first contest will be taking place from 16 June 2014 to 22 June 2014 and we will be releasing the details for the contests on 15 June 2014 so do keep a look out for it!

Stay tuned to us and Game On!

We’re almost less than 4 days away from a crazy 25 days of non-stop football action, and the countdown has begun! To commemorate this, let’s have a look at 5 of the players that we’ll definitely be looking out for as they will be playing a big part in their country’s role to win the much coveted World Cup:

  1. Lionel Messi (Argentina)

[Image Credits to Independent]

At just 26, Messi is a four-time World Player of the Year and is arguably one of the most outstanding players over the past five years. If Argentina wins the World Cup this year and Messi has the influence that he so often has at club level, then he would surely be elevated to the status of Maradona and Pele, among the greatest we’ve ever seen.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Everybody knows who he is; Cristiano Ronaldo is now perhaps, alongside Lionel Messi and David Beckham, the best-known player on the planet. The Portugal captain is also the 2013 winner of the FIFA Ballon d’Or, and has also won the Champions League with Real Madrid. Scoring 55 goals in just 45 appearances for club and country in 2013-14, a large part of his country’s hopes for winning rest upon his shoulders.

  1. Neymar (Brazil)

[Image Credits to All About FC Barcelona]

Born on February 5, 1992, in São Paulo, Brazil, Neymar drew attention for his impressive soccer abilities at an early age. His small frame masks incredible skill and speed, silencing doubters with his top-class ability to finish off both feet

  1. Mesut Ozil (Germany)

[Image Credits to Telegraph]

Arsenal attacking midfielder Ozil is only 25, but his finesse and skills has already been compared to football legends. Former manager José Mourinho likened him to Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane, massive shoes which he has no trouble filling.

  1. Andres Iniesta (Spain)

[Image Credits to Superfootball]

With recent rumors of links to Manchester United, 29-year-old Iniesta is a beast on midfield, and is even hailed by fellow superstar Xavi as “Spain’s most complete player.” Known for his passing, dribbling, vision and movement, he is definitely a player to watch on the Spanish team, and in fact even the whole tournament.

So which player will you look out for in the World Cup and who do you think will win the World Cup 2014 this year?