window cleaning company


As mundane as window cleaning may look to you, it is actually a very important aspect of the care and maintenance of your home. There are professionals who can help you ensure your windows are in the best of shape. Sadly, some folks don’t think this task is important enough to warrant much attention from them, let alone spending some money hiring professionals to do the job.

We will in this article show you why properly cleaning your windows are important and why you may need to consider hiring a professional window cleaning company to help you get this task done.

Importance of Window Cleaning

So why is it important that your windows are properly cleaned? Let’s look at a few reasons:


Surely, a clean window looks a lot better than a dirty one. No one will love to have their windows dirty, at least, to avoid the wrong message and impression it will send to the neighbours.

Aside from this, a clean window adds some aesthetic value to the interior of your home. Talk to any interior decorator and they will tell you how important natural light can be in an interior decorating setup. With a clean window, you can have natural light streaming into your home without it being dimmed by dirt and grime. This adds more color and natural beauty to your home’s interior.


It’s not just about looking good. A clean window improves the health of the occupants of the house. Did you know that a dirty window can contaminate the air you breathe in your home? All that dust and grime can be unhealthy.

As the dust accumulates on the window panes, they will frequently come loose and pollute the air. The longer you are exposed to these dust and other contaminants like mould, the greater the risks will be to your health.

Continued exposure to dust can lead to irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, hay fever and even asthma attacks. For folks with existing respiratory problems, it could even be worse. Keeping your windows clean can reduce this risk. You can learn about the health risks of dust inhalation here.

Preservation of the Windows

Here’s another important reason why your windows should be cleaned. It will save you money in the long run. I am sure many will find the thought of saving money interesting. You see, when dust, grime and other particles gather on your window panes, the window pores absorb some of these particles. Once absorbed, they degrade the panes, causing them to begin to scratch and then crack.

If you want your window panes to last as long as possible, have them kept very clean at all times.

Why Professionals Will Serve You Best

It’s just cleaning my windows right? I can do that myself so I don’t need any professionals. This may be true for some folks but not for others. Before you make a final decision on the matter, consider some of the benefits a professional window cleaner will bring to the table.


A professional window cleaner understands exactly what it takes to get the job done. They have been trained to know what types of products are best for different types of windows. A regular home owner may not know that stained windows require special care as do those treated to be ultra-violet ray proof.

From the choice of products to the availability of the right tools and skill set, the professional cleaner is equipped to handle all kinds of window cleaning needs.

Increased Safety

Although you may not encounter any major safety issues while cleaning windows on the ground floor, how about when you need to clean high windows or even windows on high-rise complexes? Professional windows cleaners have the right equipment and training to handle all kinds of high-risk window cleaning jobs.

Time Saving

Would you rather spend your time cleaning your windows or on something more productive? The time you save from this chore can be spent with your family or handling some other important task. Allowing a professional to handle your window cleaning serves two purposes – the job gets done to perfection and you have the free time to enjoy any way you see fit.

Choosing Correctly

So how do you find the right window cleaning company?

Keep it Local

The first thing you need to understand is that keeping your search local is the best route to go. If you live in Spokane or anywhere else for that matter, focus on finding a company that operates in that locality.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Next, ask around for recommendations. This is a great way to start off your search. If a company has done a great job for one of your friends or neighbours, you can quickly check them out.

Check for Reviews from Previous Clients

You should also take some time to look for reviews from past clients. This is especially important for companies that were not recommended to you by friends or family members.

Compare Prices

Finally, compare prices side by side and the services that will be offered. This will help you choose the company that will offer you the best value.