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Do you like snacking away while doing your work or watching the television?
Well, we do and at times, snacking can be quite unhealthy because the consumption of excessive junk food leads to an excess intake of calories in the body!

Since snacking is so unhealthy, is there even such a thing as healthy snacking then? Yes, there is and we have some good news for you!

Recently, we received some samples of Way Better Snacks and we are absolutely in love with it! In case you’re wondering what exactly is Way Better Snacks, it is essentially a packet of tortilla chips that contain organic sprouted chia seeds, daikon radish seeds, flax seeds, quinoa and broccoli seeds! Packed with so much goodness, the tortilla chips are not only certified gluten free & non-genetically modified [GMO], they are also ridiculously delicious! Yes, ridiculously delicious!

Some of you might probably ask this, “How different is the tortilla chips from Way Better Snacks as compared to maybe say, Doritos?”

The answer is pretty simple.

The tortilla chips from Doritos contains tons of preservatives and chemicals like monosodium glutamate [MSG] and as far as possible, the consumption of MSG is highly discouraged as they can be rather bad for health. Not only that, the amount of calories and sodium that Doritos’ tortilla chips contain are higher than the ones from Way Better Snacks.

Here’s a quick nutritional comparison between the tortilla chips from Doritos and Way Better Snacks. 

Doritos Tortilla Chips

Way Better Snacks

The added benefits of consuming the tortilla chips from Way Better Snacks is that it contains sprouted ingredients. By including sprouted ingredients like flaxseed, chia seeds, quinoa, black beans, broccoli seed and daikon radish seeds, Way Better Snacks has built a better tortilla chip that is healthy, all-natural, and ridiculously delicious.

The following video will show you why sprouted ingredients is good for the body!

Way Better Snacks is made in the United States and it is available in 6 different delicious flavours; Simply Sunny Multi Grain, Simply Sweet Potato, Simply Beyond Black Beans, Simply Sweet Chili, Simply Unbeatable Blues and No Salt Naked Blues.

Because Way Better Snacks is a much healthier choice, you can be pretty sure that we will be stocking up on them for our regular movie dates!

If you’re interested in snacking healthily, here’s some places where you can get Way Better Snacks in Singapore:

Real Food | SG Organic | Zenxin Organic Food | The Straits Wine Company | The Nutrition Clinic |

Happy Snacking!