water fountain features


There are many benefits of installing a water feature in your home. For one, it’s a gorgeous focal point and it will immediately boost the aesthetics of your property. A fountain also increases the value of your home, should you decide to put it up for sale in the future. Indoor fountains can help improve indoor air quality, while outdoor fountains can attract beautiful and helpful wildlife like birds and butterflies. Finally, the soothing sounds of flowing water coming from fountains can help relieve stress.

With all of these things in mind, the only question that remains is what kind of fountain you ought to install in your home. There are a lot of factors to consider, like the design and the placement (on the ground, flush against a corner, or wall-mounted, for example), but the main thing you have to decide on first is where you will put the fountain; is it going to be inside or outside your house?

Here are some of the differences between indoor and outdoor water fountains to help you decide which one is the best choice for you.

Size and Styles

Outdoor fountains are generally much bigger than indoor fountains — just imagine multilayered fountains made of concrete or stone, statues of angels or children holding jars of water, or those styles with huge ponds at the bottom that can house fish and aquatic plants. Indoor fountains, meanwhile, are usually smaller but have a wider range of designs: from a simple tabletop model that you can put in the bedroom to help you sleep to a tall waterfall fountain that you can use to liven up a corner in your living room.

This doesn’t mean, however, that indoor fountains don’t have bigger sizes. In fact, you can see some pretty impressive indoor installations like huge waterfalls that can occupy an entire wall. In the same manner, don’t be fooled that outdoor fountains are limited to those who have a big yard or garden. Bamboo fountains and tower-type models are great examples of outdoor pieces that don’t need too much space.

Maintenance Requirements

Outdoor fountains require more maintenance since they are exposed to sudden temperature changes and harsh weather conditions; various debris like leaves and twigs, and even bird excrement also accumulate in outdoor fountains. Algae is also a common problem for outdoor fountains, especially if they’re placed in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. The maintenance needs of an outdoor fountain also increase exponentially if you keep fish in the pond. This means that there will definitely be times when a professional crew will do a much better job of cleaning and maintaining your fountain.

Meanwhile, indoor fountains can be taken care of easily with DIY methods. Truth be told, as long as you regularly change the water and give it an occasional scrub and rinse, an indoor fountain hardly needs any maintenance. Just pay extra attention to the pump when you clean the fountain to make sure that it doesn’t have any defects, so the water can circulate properly.

Materials and Construction Style

Common materials used in both indoor and outdoor fountains include concrete, glass, natural stones like marble and granite, and steel and metal. Bamboo and driftwood are also ideal materials for both indoor and outdoor fountains; they are rather neutral in appearance and can, therefore, be matched with any kind of interior design but still sturdy enough to withstand outside elements.

Additionally, for indoor fountains, ceramic, resin, plastic, mirrors, and other delicate or lighter materials can be used. Indoor fountains can also incorporate small moving elements like water wheels and spinning glass balls to add to their visual appeal.

Final Considerations

One final thing you have to consider in choosing a fountain is its purpose. Say you went with an outdoor fountain — do you want it to be simply an ornament to provide visual interest and soothing sounds or do you want it to serve as a bird bath? If so, then you better pick a style that has a deep enough pool for birds to wade in. Determining the purpose of the fountain will help you narrow down the choices even more, resulting in a perfect match!