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Coming home after a long working day is the best way to feel safer, happier and comfortable. Since your home is your personal space, make sure it’s a cosy one, too. Improving the comfort in your home usually helps you to relieve stress and have a better mood. Because you spend so much time at work, it’s essential to make your home a place where you can recharge your energy and uplift your mood. If you are unfamiliar with the feeling of a cosy smart home, these tips will hopefully help you improve the comfort of your home. 

Hang Some Art on Your Walls

Hanging some art pieces on your walls will simply add life to your home. It is proven that art interventions can reduce stress and make you feel a lot happier. Besides the fact that it gives you a boost of pleasure, hanging art on the walls can reflect your personality and interests. It’s also very trendy and inspires creativity. 

When it comes to art, it doesn’t have to consist only of paintings. You can choose whatever you like, including lighting as a form of art. Interesting lighting offers you a way to introduce art at another level. Many types of light can illuminate a space with different textures and an intriguing geometry that can give a cosy effect to your bedroom. 

The Feeling of Your Childhood Home

The childhood house in which you grew up is probably what “home” really means. Most people find it hard to leave their parent’s house just because they feel so comfortable and safe there. Although you might not be able to go back in time, you can display items that remind you of your childhood. 

If you take a look in your basement, you might find some furniture, decorative items from your old bedroom, different games you used to play, paintings, and many other items that you can use to give your home a cosy feeling. Pick a few things and incorporate them into your home to bring back that childhood warmth.

Keep Your Space Clean

Have you ever been invited to someone’s home where you couldn’t feel relaxed and comfortable? Maybe it’s because it was filled with too much unnecessary stuff and lacked the convenience of smart home cleaning gadgets. A home can’t be welcoming and comfortable if it’s filled with mess, but modern technologies like robotic vacuums and automated cleaning systems can help maintain a clutter-free environment, much like the clean and minimalistic design of hotel rooms. 

Make Your Home a Cosy Place

 Simple home décor can brighten your room. When the holiday season arrives, you can get creative and hang your windows sash ribbon. You can create different forms and attach them wherever you feel it looks cute. You can also change your pillows according to the season. For example, during springtime, you can swap your old pillows with new, lighter textures, such as cotton.

Colour of the Walls

The colour of the walls can make you feel relaxed, so choose colours that don’t give you a headache. Dark colours make the space feel smaller, so choose bright, neutral colours to give your home a warmer feeling. For a better atmosphere, use wallpapers; they can give the space a trendy look. 

Once you start painting your walls, you can throw away some items or store them in a box. Decide to keep only the things that match the colour of the walls. Without any clutter, you’ll enjoy the freshly painted walls better.

Bring the Spa to Your Home

If you want to give your home a cosier and more relaxing feeling, spa items such as scented candles, warm lighting, and aroma diffusers, can give your space a dose of cosiness.

A home should be more than just a place to sleep or cook in. Simple items can transform your place into a paradise where you can de-stress every day. Whether you are in a rental or a new home, choose to surround yourself with things that can make you feel good.

Everyone wants to feel safe and relaxed in their space. It’s essential to improve your home’s comfort to enjoy it better. It’s not as hard as it looks and you don’t need much to create a comfortable home for every season. 

If you follow the essential tips from this article, you’ll achieve the goal of making your home cosy and warm, and having a home that’s inviting makes it an enjoyable and memorable place for your guests.

If you have been following our previous posts about how we setup a small cosy corner in my bedroom, you would have read about the carpet that we bought from Qoo10 and the DIY furniture that we bought from Ikea. If you haven’t, you might like to check out the following links:
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In this blog entry, we will be blogging about how we used die cut wall stickers to beautify the walls of my cosy corner!

The first time Baby and I saw wall stickers was when we were holidaying in Taipei, Taiwan at Raohe Night Market. It was a pity we didn’t buy them because they were rather cheap as compared to the ones we bought from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. If you shop around in KSL Shopping Mall or City Square in Johor Bahru, you should be able to find some small retail shops that are selling wall stickers.

Anyways, if you’re planning to beautify your walls, wall stickers can be a great alternative to painting or even sticking wallpapers. However, before you shop for suitable wall stickers for your wall, the most important thing you must do is to measure the length and height of your wall. By doing so, you will then be able to gauge the size of the wall stickers you should get.

For my cosy corner, we chose this particular design because the dimensions fitted the length and height of my wall. Not only that, I could even feature my family photos on the wall as part of the design as well. For your information, this particular design that we chose cost us around SGD$50+ and you might be able to get it at a much better price on Qoo10.

From Wall Stickers 2012

Also, before you purchase any wall stickers, check with the retailer or the seller where the wall stickers come from/are manufactured. If it is from Korea and/or Taiwan, you can safely buy it. If it is from other countries, you might want to consider your purchase carefully because certain wall stickers from certain countries are of low quality and low quality wall stickers may damage your wall.

This was how the wall of my cosy corner look like before the wall stickers were pasted.

From Wall Stickers 2012

The wall stickers will come in a roll and you will have to cut out the individual pieces bit by bit using the scissors.

From Wall Stickers 2012

Here’s Baby cutting out the individual pieces of wall stickers.

From Wall Stickers 2012
From Wall Stickers 2012

After cutting out the individual pieces of the wall stickers, Baby and I pasted the wall stickers onto the wall using a masking tape so as to gauge the positions of where we should paste the wall stickers.

From Wall Stickers 2012
From Wall Stickers 2012

Knowing more or less how and where we’re going to paste the wall stickers, we removed the protective film and pasted the wall stickers permanently onto the wall.

From Wall Stickers 2012

From a design of a tree with no leaves…

From Wall Stickers 2012

We slowly added the leaves one by one to the tree and viola!

From Wall Stickers 2012

Here is a picture of my cosy corner with the decorated wall!

From Wall Stickers 2012

Well, the only thing that is missing right now are the photos which I am going to put up and personally, we really like the design that we chose for the wall stickers. So, if you’re wondering how you can beautify and/or decorate your wall, wall stickers might just be the thing for you.

And oh, wall stickers can be easily removed without leaving any stains on the wall or causing any damage to the paintwork on your wall. 🙂

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God bless!