Travelling to the nearest city


For those that love the hustle and bustle, and bright lights; there’s nothing quite like a city break or escape. You’ll never be stuck for something to do and if you’re an energetic or restless soul who just loves to stay busy; a city getaway could be just what you need.  Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery and new experiences to unwind, relax, and have a great time. Vacations don’t always have to be a plane journey away and involve a beach. There are some great deals to be had on city escapes and it’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled for something that’s close by so that you can hop in your car and be there within an hour on a Friday night to enjoy a long weekend of fun.

There’s bound to be so much to do and see, so, you’ll need to make a plan beforehand so that you can squeeze as much of the fun stuff into your trip as possible. You don’t want to arrive and feel totally lost for a few days before heading home again. Therefore, it’s time to get your notebook and pen out, and start writing a list of the places you want to visit, shop, eat and drink, and where you’ll need to book. The following are some ideas and inspiration surrounding the benefits of a city break for those who don’t want to have to travel far for a weekend of nothing but fun.

Getting There: ASAP!

The best thing about heading to your nearest city is going to be the ease of getting there. Utilising public transport or driving your Ford there will always work out far more affordable than a flight. Choosing your nearest city to make the most of over your weekend will also keep travel and insurance costs down as you’ll be avoiding any lengthy road trips. It’s worth checking out different insurance companies before you leave to ensure that your car is covered for everything city life might be throwing at it. If you’re enjoying regular local city trips, you’re bound to cut down the mileage in your car along with the amount of gas you’ll use; so getting there will never break the bank. It’s also worth checking out if your chosen accommodation has secure parking or if you can find a carpark that will offer a deal for the duration of your stay. Sorting out parking beforehand will save you a lot of cash as city parking is renowned for being expensive.

It’s Time To Eat!

Whether you’ve travelling by public transport or car; you’re bound to be hungry after your journey. Stock up on snack and drinks for your journey, especially if you’ve booked some self-catering accommodation. However, if you’ve decided to fully enjoy what your city can offer in the way of places to get full; some snacks and bottles of drink will get you there without anyone getting hungry. With so many city-based deals on offer online; you’ll always be able to find somewhere to eat at a discounted price. Therefore, it’s worth taking a look online the week leading up to your trip and make the most of saving some cash that you can spend on something else when you’re there. Book into any popular restaurants, and plan that brunch or afternoon tea you’ve always wanted to try in the latest Instagram-worthy cafe.

See The Sights And Do All The Things!

As previously mentioned, you’ll never be stuck for something to do in a city setting, and, you’re only there for the weekend, right? So, it’s time to fill each day, evening, and night up, with something memorable and fun. There’ll always be a new restaurant or bar, or an exhibition in the gallery or museum to see. Heading into new and vibrant settings and experiencing different food, culture, and sights will enrich your life in the space of a couple of days and nights. Do plenty of online research and read an array of reviews so that you can discover some of the best things to do in your chosen city. Give yourself a budget; it’s too easy to overspend in a city setting so prioritise the things that you really want to do, see, eat, and drink. You can condense a lot of learning, discovery, and excitement into a short space of time when you’re staying in a city, thus ensuring that you don’t need to fly overseas for a fortnight to have the best getaway ever.