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A few weeks back, we were at Trapped SG to have an experience of the real life escape room they offer and it was our first time playing an escape room that is horror-themed. Just so you know, anything that is horror-themed isn’t our cup of tea and hence, this review might be quite bias.


We arrived at Trapped SG rather early and we had the usual routine briefing that was conducted by the staff. We were told what we could do and what we couldn’t do inside the escape room and how we could seek for assistance if we could not solve a clue. Background information of the escape room was also given to us and we then proceeded to enter the World War 3 [Zombie Edition] escape room.

Our Experience In The World War 3 [Zombie Edition] Escape Room

Despite the staff telling us that there were no jump scares inside the escape room, we had a hard time being convinced and as a result, we wasted a lot of time making wrong decisions due to our clouded judgments. However, we have to admit that some of the clues weren’t even logical at all and it led us to the wrong track.

[Image Credits to Shennyyang]

During our experience in the escape room, we had to make multiple assumptions and carry out multiple trials and errors. There were some clues that weren’t so straightforward and in the end, we only managed to get out just in time with the assistance and guidance from the staff.


Out of a scale of 5 stars, we will give 2.5 stars to Trapped SG.

If you are a seasoned player of escape rooms, you will probably find the props slightly below expectations but if you are a total newbie, it will be an entirely new experience that might get you hooked to playing escape rooms.

Though not the best escape room that we have been to so far, Trapped SG is decent enough to provide an entertaining gaming experience for new gamers. For more information on the other escape rooms that Trapped SG has to offer, do visit Trapped SG Official Website and like Trapped SG Official Facebook Page.

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