Although I don’t have to wear eyeglasses, I have always been fascinated by the Transitions® Lenses because they are equipped with patented, photochromic dyes that enable the lenses to rapidly activate, or darken, when they are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light.

This means that the lenses are clear when indoors or at night and automatically darken to a sunglass tint when exposed to sunlight.

Recently, Transitions® has set another milestone by launching its latest and most responsive adaptive lenses, the Transitions® Signature™ Lenses.

Thanks to Transitions® Chromea7™ photochromic technology, the Transitions® Signature™ Lenses are more reactive to UV light and they get darker in more conditions, including bright sun, partially sunny weather, cloudy weather, and everything in between. They also adapt to indirect light; such as light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces. With its ability to continuously adapt to changing light, the Transitions® Signature™ Lenses are always exactly the shade you need them to be.

What about when you’re indoors or at night?

The Transitions® Signature™ Lenses remains fully clear and with its fast fade back speed, it just makes your lifestyle more mobile and convenient!

In case you’re wondering, the Transitions® Signature™ Lenses is suitable for people of all ages; including children and they fit any prescription and spectacle frame.

Source: Transitions Optical Singapore

The price of Transitions® Lenses will vary because there are many factors that affect the price of eyeglass lenses. The final price depends on the lens material, your prescription, any features you add, and which Transitions® Lenses product you choose.

Here are some questions that you can discuss with your optician so that you get an eyeglass lenses that best fit your needs.

Lens material: Do you need impact resistant lenses or ultra-thin ones (especially if you have a high prescription)? Or do standard plastic lenses work just fine for you?

Your lens type: Do you need lenses just for reading? Do you need a single distance vision correction or a multi-focus one?

Coatings or treatments you opt to add: Do you need an anti-reflective coating for reducing reflections from the front of your lenses, reducing glare from headlights, streetlights, computers or TV screens? Do you want scratch resistance for sports?

The Transitions® Lens product you select: Do you need darker lenses for extra protection? Or do you want lenses that are just like clear lenses indoors?

The latest Transitions® Signature™ Lenses is available to all lens wearers across the region in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

If you are interested to fit the latest Transitions® Signature™ Lenses into your preferred spectacle frame, you can enquire with the optical store nearest to you or check out Transitions® Lenses Store Locator.