totem cirque du soleil


It wasn’t my first time to a circus performance but it was definitely my first to watch a circus performance by Cirque Du Soleil. Entitled, “Totem”, the touring show by Cirque Du Soleil depicts the evolution of humanity from its primordial, amphibian state toward the aspiration of flight, taking inspiration from many of humanity’s founding myths.

To some, circus performances may seem to be the same but what is really unique about Totem is that there is a storyline behind every acrobatic acts. The acrobatic acts were at times mystical but also thrilling and a delight to watch. Every heart-stopping stunts were well-synchronised with the live music performed by the band and it is no surprise that all the performers received an overwhelming standing ovation from the audience during the finale.

The costumes used in the performance were intricately designed and they were inspired by Mother Nature. Interactive projection technologies are used in the show to enhance and provide variety to the types of scenes created for Totem, including swamps, starry nights, lakes, volcanos, and other natural environments.

If you are going to watch Totem by Cirque Du Soleil, here are some fun facts that you might want to look out for during the show!

Fun Fact #1
The Crystal Man’s stretch velvet leotard is encrusted with nearly 4,500 reflective components; 4,001 are mirror fragments. This costume is the show’s heaviest, weighing nearly four kilograms.

Fun Fact #2
During the Scientist’s juggling act, he uses balls made with 96 red, 96 blue, and 96 green LED lights inside. The colours are changed remotely by show technicians during the performance.

Fun Fact #3
A major component of the set is the “scorpion bridge”, which functions as an entrance at times. It is made of 4,500 kg of steel and has eight mineral oil hydraulic motors which allow it to move in three dimensions.

Quoting what a friend of mine shared, “Singapore always do have great shows from time to time” and truly, this is one show that you do not want to miss because it is not every time that we have a circus performance by Cirque Du Soleil here in Singapore. In fact, the last time they were here to perform in Singapore was in 2005; exactly one decade (ten years) ago.

Tickets to Totem by Cirque Du Soleil starts from SGD$98 and if you’re a Mobile One (M1) Subscriber, you can get a 15% discount off the ticket prices. Just present the M1 logo on your mobile phone or your M1 mobile phone bill when purchasing your tickets at the SISTIC counters.

If you can afford to spend more but don’t want to burn a big hole in your pockets and still get a best view of the performance, we recommend that you get the CAT 4 tickets with seats in block 103 and 104.

One thing that we feel Cirque Du Soleil could improve on is to increase the distance and space between each seats so that it will be more comfortable for the audience.

Well, watching a circus performance by Cirque Du Soleil should definitely be one of your bucket list of things-to-do in your lifetime. Have you got that checked? If not, hurry and book your tickets as the touring show by Cirque Du Soleil will only be here till 6 December 2015!