The Taking Of Tiger Mountain movie review


Thanks to Clover Films Singapore, we had the privilege of attending the movie preview of, “The Taking Of Tiger Mountain” and though Jacqueline might disagree with me, I totally enjoyed the movie.

Movie Plot of The Taking Of Tiger Mountain

“The Taking Of Tiger Mountain” is adapted from the famous Chinese novel, “Tracks in the Snowy Forest” by Qu Bo, and it is set during the civil war era of 1946 when ruthless bandits occupied north-eastern China and threatened the lives of civilians.

The most powerful bandit of all was Mountain Eagle [acted by Tony Leung Ka-fai], with an impenetrable fortress up in Tiger Mountain and armed with strong artillery. Unit 203 of the People’s Liberation Army [PLA], led by Shao [Lin Gengxin], was crossing the north-eastern region when they encountered Eagle’s men raiding a village. Shao decided to stay and fight against Eagle.

PLA Headquarters sent a skilled investigator Yang [Zhang Hanyu], who infiltrated Eagle’s gang as an undercover. The duo [Yang & Shao] was soon engaged in a battle of wits with the cold-blooded Eagle, deep inside the snowy forest.

Our Personal Opinion/Review of The Taking Of Tiger Mountain

To begin with, “The Taking Of Tiger Mountain” is more likely to appeal to the gentlemen than the ladies. I personally like how the movie unfolded and to be honest, I would watch the movie a second time. Though certain scenes were rather over-exaggerated, “The Taking Of Tiger Mountain” is truly an epic movie that will delight fans of war films. In fact, movie-goers may even find “The Taking Of Tiger Mountain” to bear some resemblance to John Woo’s Red Cliff.

Though the “The Taking Of Tiger Mountain” is a Chinese movie, it is rather universal because every men who have served in an army infantry unit would definitely appreciate this movie and be amazed by the wits of the soldiers in the battlefield.

Rated NC-16 for violence, “The Taking Of Tiger Mountain” is definitely not a movie for the young and with a running duration of 2 hours and 21 minutes, be sure to visit the washroom before heading to the theatre hall.

Movie Trailer of The Taking Of Tiger Mountain