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The Spa Artisan at The Fullerton Hotel is launching Asia’s first Powerslim Studio and it is said to provide the world’s most comfortable slimming experience!
[Image Credits to The Fullerton Hotel Singapore]

Well, here at A Winsome Life, we are happy to share this wonderful piece of news with all our readers and that is, we will be partnering with Asmara Lifestyle for the launch of the Powerslim Studio at The Spa Artisan and hence, all of you reading this blog post would be entitled to exclusive offers that you don’t want to miss out on.

The PowerSlim Studio Experience

Imagine a state of blissful relaxation which is achieved by stimulating the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch.
Deep heating relaxes the muscles and promotes a sense of relaxation whilst warm essential oils stimulates the sense of smell. A special monitor with TV tuner and DVD player allows you to watch your favourite TV shows or movies on DVD and the sound system allows for deep relaxation with soothing music.

Creating an ideal space and atmosphere of relaxation with the inclusion of ionized air enriched with negative ions to reduce tiredness, the PowerSlim Studio experience is one that you will definitely enjoy comfortably!

PowerSlim IMPACT [75mins | U.P. $298+]

[Image Credits to The Spa Artisan]

PowerSlim IMPACT is a new slimming treatment that harness the innovative technology of the PowerSlim Studio by offering a relaxing and unique slimming experience for busy professionals right in the heart of Singapore.

The new PowerSlim IMPACT assures that “55mins is equivalent to 5 hours in a gym” and therefore is a perfect solution for busy individuals who wants to maintain a svelte figure in spite of their hectic schedule.

Treatment Includes:

• Relaxing Foot Soak
• Velvet Skin Prep on targeted area
• Stimulating IMPACT Therapy to obtain visible results
• Be surrounded by patented infrared and ionization technology to maximise comfort and effectiveness
• En suite Bath Facilities provided

How The PowerSlim IMPACT Treatment Works

Adhesive electrode pads are placed over specific areas of the body to deliver electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves and cause the muscles to contract. The stimulation of the muscle by the electrical current creates a significant energy demand on the muscles and hence, surrounding fat cells are burned for energy. The stimulation also agitates the fat cells causing the release of toxins and the reduction of cellulite. In addition, the deep muscle stimulation helps to tighten and tone the skin, and improve circulation. In case you’re wondering, the treatment is safe and non-invasive.

So What’s the Good News?

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You can now be the first in Asia to experience the PowerSlim IMPACT treatment at The Spa Artisan @ The Fullerton Hotel for just $98 nett! This price is only applicable for the first trial and in case you’re wondering, the usual price is actually $298+!

Here are the Terms & Conditions for the Exclusive Offer:

• Spa Reservation is required. To make reservations, call 6423-1382 and quote “Impact First Time Trial”
• Redemption valid all day excluding eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday
• Valid for first time customers for PowerSlim Impact only

Before your first PowerSlim treatment, you may undergo a total body assessment that measures your body composition. The InBody Analysis will cost $20+ and it will take about 30 minutes.

Some of the measurements and analysis includes the following:

• Weight
• Lean Body and Body Fat Mass
• Intracellular and Extracellular Water
• Current Total Body Water
• Dry Lean Mass
• Body Mass Index [BMI]
• Percent Body Fat
• Segmental Lean Mass -Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg
• Fat Control, LBM Control, Basal Metabolic Rate

If you would just like to go for the InBody Analysis and perhaps consider the PowerSlim IMPACT Treatment another time, we have an exclusive offer for you too!

All you have to do is call 6423-1382 and quote us [A Winsome Life], and you can get your personal FREE Body Composition Analysis Composition Report!

Also, do look out for our upcoming blog posts because we will be organising a contest that is exclusively for all you readers. 🙂