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Saint Patrick’s School Military Band [SPSMB] is amongst the first local school band to reach the monumental 60 years mark since pioneering musicianship in Singapore. To celebrate more than 60 years since its formation as a Bugle and Fife band in 1953, SPSMB staged a sold-out commemorative concert on 17 February 2014 at the Esplanade and it was a rocking good time for everyone whom were present.
The concert, “60th Anniversary Concert: A Musical Homecoming”, paid tribute to six decades of musicianship and band culture that has since made SPSMB one of the most recognised secondary school bands in Singapore.

The 60th Anniversary Concert featured performances by several different bands, including the St. Patrick’s School Alumni Band [SPSAB]; the current SPSMB consisting of band members who are incumbent students of the school; the Lasallian Primary School band, and as well as a Combined Band performance which enthralled audience members to no end.

When we were there at the 60th Anniversary Concert, we were very impressed with the performances that were put up and seriously, we could feel the strong spirit of camaraderie that the band members have for one another. We really had an amazing time at the concert and even as we are writing this entry, we are still getting the goosebumps just by thinking about the splendid performances that were put up.

The SPSMB has indeed come a long way to achieve what it is today. First formed as a three-piece, bugle, fife and drum band on 2nd March 1953, SPMSB was one of the pioneer secondary school bands in Singapore and over the years, the SPSMB has established itself as one of the most outstanding secondary school bands in Singapore, claiming honours such as the first school band in Asia to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York in 1982, to their continued success at the Singapore Youth Festival [SYF] Central Judging, achieving an unrivalled eleven consecutive Gold Awards since 1990.

A Photo Of The Saint Patrick’s School Military In Its Early Days

The band was also the first secondary school band to achieve four consecutive SYF Gold with Honours awards in 2011. In the recent 2013 SYF Arts Presentation, the band continued its excellent performance by taking home the prestigious Certificate of Distinction.

The Saint Patrick’s School Military Band In The 2013 SYF Competition That Took Place At The Singapore Conference Hall

The band members have had many opportunities to showcase their musical talents through public performances and they also had the opportunity to have band exchanges and performances with talented overseas musicians to broaden their musical insights.

The Saint Patrick’s School Military Band Performing At The Universal Studios Singapore For A National Day Performance in 2013

Beyond the glittery of these achievements and awards, band members of the next generation will continue to strive and persevere so as to carry on the band’s tradition and sustain its achievements. With the band members continuously nurtured with the knowledge of music and inculcated with the discipline, we are very sure SPSMB will scale to even greater heights!

We really believe that SPSMB will continue to thrill audiences with their professionalism and dedication. If you ever have the opportunity to watch them live in concert, don’t let the opportunity slip by. You will definitely be in for a treat.

For more information about the Saint Patrick’s School Military Band and their upcoming performances, do check out Saint Patrick’s School Military Band Official Website.

Germany’s most popular breakdance crew and four-time breakdancing world champions, The Flying Steps, will be bringing their first own production, Red Bull Flying Bach, to Singapore’s Esplanade Theatre for the first time this month!
[Image Credits to Red Bull Content Pool]

The internationally acclaimed show will leave you enraptured as the creative performance visualizes and revives Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ note by note, step by step with piano, harpsichord and electronic beats! Expect drama, intense passion, comedy and even love in this award-winning production!

The 70-minute show will trail the journey of six dancers and their teacher while the crew prepares for their big finals as tensions rise, like the ups and downs of the notes.

Contemporary dance meets breakdance when a woman enters the room, changing the dynamics and developments of the dancers, where desire meets refusal, arrogance meets curiosity and the clash of the two worlds are inevitable.

[Image Credits to Red Bull Content Pool]

Red Bull Flying Bach won the prestigious ECHO Klassik Sonderpreis, Germany’s major classical music awards, in 2010 and this January, the Red Bull Flying Bach will be staged at the Esplanade Singapore from 16 to 18 January 2014.

[Image Credits to Red Bull Content Pool]

If you are a fan of breakdancing or if you’re a breakdancer yourself, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch the Red Bull Flying Bach because they will only be here in Singapore for 2 days.

Tickets retail from $58 onwards and are currently available on sale at SISTIC Online.

For more information and updates about the Red Bull Flying Bach, you can visit the Red Bull Flying Bach Official Website or the Red Bull Flying Bach Facebook Event Page.