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We had a very delightful experience at Lucky Bunny Café during our recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand; and this is a place we highly recommend if you are looking for some awesome homemade Thai food with some lovely and cute bunnies as your companions.

A distance away from the heart of Bangkok, Lucky Bunny Café is located in a residential area and to get there via public transport, you can take the Bangkok Metro to Lat Phrao Station and thereafter, take a taxi straight to Lucky Bunny Café. Alternatively, if you prefer to take a taxi and head straight to Lucky Bunny Café without the hassle of taking the Bangkok Metro, you can do that too but you might encounter heavy traffic congestion along the way. Make sure the taxi driver charge you by the fare meter and not on an agreed sum; else you would be ripped off during the journey.

When you are near the area [assuming you are using Google Maps to track your location, which we did], do look out for directional signs that will lead you to the doorstep of Lucky Bunny Café.

The entrance to Lucky Bunny Café is very well-decorated and though it is set in a home, don’t hesitate to go in and enjoy the warmth hospitality from the owners of Lucky Bunny Café.

Areas of Lucky Bunny Café which guests can access to are the dining room, the bunnies’ room, and the garden.

Lucky Bunny Café Dining Room

Lucky Bunny Café Bunnies’ Room

Lucky Bunny Café Garden

When we were presented with the food menu by the owner of Lucky Bunny Café, both Jacqueline and I were scratching our heads because they were written in Thai. Thankfully, the owner is extremely conversant in English and we placed our food and drinks order with much ease.

You might also want to take comfort in the knowledge that the drinks and desserts menu are in English.

While waiting for our food and drinks order to be ready, we took a quick look at the garden and admired the really cute figurines. There were definitely tons of opportunities for snapshots, even in the dining room!

The Cute Sheep Figurines in the Garden

Foxy Mehmeh Riding the Vintage Scooter in the Dining Room

Presenting to you the food, drinks, and dessert that we ordered at Lucky Bunny Café.

Tom Yum Soup with Chicken

Spicy Minced Pork with Thai Herbs

Thai-Styled Fried Rice

Chocolate Waffles Served with Bananas and Vanilla Ice-Cream

Italian Kiwi Soda & Italian Lemon Soda

Are you ready for some squealing good time?

After a very satisfying meal, we went to the bunnies’ room and we had a lot of fun cuddling the super adorable bunnies. The best part was, some of the bunnies even showed us a trick or two and they were really funny!

We were also very privileged to have the owner of Lucky Bunny Café with us as we learnt a few tips about keeping bunnies, how to maintain the bunnies, and what kind of food to feed the bunnies.

By the way, some of the bunnies at Lucky Bunny Café are for sale and they are top grade premium bunnies [they even have something like a pedigree certificate too]. The bunnies come from a farm that Lucky Bunny Café works with and trust us, the bunnies are really affordable, healthy and well-maintained; yes, way cheaper and even way better than the bunnies from the pet shops we have here in Singapore.

Now, if you really want to explore Bangkok, Thailand and you are looking for a unique place to dine, Lucky Bunny Café is one place you should include in your itinerary the next time you plan your free and easy trip to Bangkok.

Address: Chiang Mai, Thailand 50290
Operating Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 1030 hours to 2000 hours, Closed on Mondays
Mode of Payment: Cash Only
Contact Number: 6685-1955465 

Enjoy & Have Fun!