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It has been half a year since I last caught a movie at the cinema and last weekend, Jacqueline and I caught the movie, “Our Times” (also known as 我的少女時代 in Mandarin) at Golden Village (Tampines Mall).

Released in Singapore on 22 October 2015, we were rather surprised that tickets to “Our Times” were selling like hotcakes and because the movie was so popular, we had to go for an unpopular time slot that’s way past midnight just to catch the movie.

Our Times Movie Review

Many people might draw some similarities between You Are The Apple Of My Eye (那些年,我們一起追的女孩) and Our Times but they are actually quite different from one another. Although both movies are set in a school , one has a happy ending while the other does not.

A word of advise here, there are many touching moments in Our Times and you will definitely want to bring along some tissues in case you find yourself sobbing uncontrollably (yes, I’m exaggerating but you never know). Watching this movie has certainly reminded me of the awesome times I had when I was a teenager and I really do miss those growing up days. As I do not want to spill the beans too much, I won’t be elaborating much about the movie but what I can say is that, it is a movie I wouldn’t mind watching a second time.

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Our Times Movie Synopsis

We all had to live through and rise above the awkward years in high school, and regardless how long it may have been a distant past you wish to forget, there’s always a beautiful memory somewhere waiting to be awakened. A joyful moment that truly belongs to you. An ordinary high school girl Lin Truly (played by Vivian Sung) pines over the most popular guy in school Ouyang Extraordinary (played by Dino Lee). The school’s troublemaker Hsu Taiyu (played by Ta Lu Wang) falls for the prettiest girl in school Tao Minmin (played by Dewi Chien). Together, Truly and Taiyu, work through misadventures to help each other win their dream dates. Through this youthful rite of passage, their friendship evolves and they learn a thing or two about true love.

Our Times Movie Trailer

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