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Hello Everyone,
we truly apologise for not blogging over the last few days as we are currently in Taiwan for a holiday and we will only be back this Sunday evening.

As we just managed to get a stable wifi network, we are going to put up a rather short blog entry about our Taiwan trip thus far.

Background of Our Trip:

Baby and I have planned for this trip to Taiwan since a year ago and ever since our first trip to Taiwan together, we have made it a point to visit Taiwan every year.

For this year’s trip, it would be for 9 days 8 nights and we will be staying at 5 different properties. So far in our trip, we have put up at Ming Qin Min Su, Skylight BB and the Golden Spring Hotel. For the rest of our trip [that is tomorrow and the remaining days], we will be staying at Shui Wu and Vogue Star Serviced Apartment.

So far, the main attractions that we have visited thus far are Carton King, Swiss Garden, Green Green Grasslands, Guanyin Waterfall, 18 Degree C, Puli Winery, Guangxin Paper Mill, Liao Mayor Black Tea Shop, Sun Moon Lake, Ci En Pagoda, Car Accessories Shop in Taichung, Yi Fu Tang, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and Beitou Hot Spring. As for the rest of our trip, our itinerary is unconfirmed but tentatively, we would be visiting the Leofoo Village, Maokong Gondola, Shifen, Raohe Night Market, Shilin Night Market, Xi Men Ding, and Taipei Zoo.


For this year’s trip, Baby and I are using two types of cameras to take photographs of our trip. One is the Canon Powershot S100 which I am personally using and the other is the Olympus EPL-3 which Baby is using. Because we take tons of photographs [up to more than 2 GB per day] everyday, we will put up two different links [one which has access to the photos that I take with the Canon Powershot S100 and the other which has access to the photos that Baby takes with the Olympus EPL-3]. Due to the huge volume of photographs taken each day, we will not carry out any image editing until we are back in Singapore. So meanwhile, all the photos that you see in the upcoming blog entries about our trip are all unedited.

+For a start, here are two links to the photographs that we have taken duing our first day in Taiwan this year.+

Melvin’s Perspective of Day 1 in Taiwan 2012 Using the Canon Powershot S100


Jacqueline’s Perspective of Day 1 in Taiwan 2012 Using the Olympus EPL 3


Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!