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As the anticipation for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival builds, Tai Cheong Bakery, a legendary establishment with a rich history in Hong Kong and well-known for their delicious egg tarts, has unveiled a collection of Mooncake Sets that promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience. These meticulously crafted delights are a true embodiment of tradition and quality, reflecting the bakery’s commitment to excellence that spans decades.

The Essence of Craftsmanship and Flavours

Tai Cheong Bakery’s Mooncake Sets are more than just confections; they are the result of dedicated craftsmanship and the use of premium ingredients. One can immediately sense the dedication that goes into creating these masterpieces. The Mooncake Sets offer a selection of carefully curated flavours, each capturing the essence of the festival.

Golden Treasure Mooncake Set (SGD$86)

The Golden Treasure Mooncake Set introduces a luxurious experience with four meticulously handcrafted mooncakes, each weighing 80g. These mooncakes are not just desserts; they are expressions of culinary artistry.

  • Double Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste
    This timeless classic strikes a perfect balance between sweet and savory, with velvety smooth white lotus seed paste enveloping two golden egg yolks.
  • Wu Ren (Five Nuts)
    Embark on a nutty adventure with this blend of almonds, walnuts, melon seeds, sesame seeds, and cashew nuts, harmoniously bound by a sweet and aromatic maltose syrup.
  • Single Yolk with Black Sesame
    The rich flavours of black sesame are paired with a hidden single egg yolk, creating a delightful play of textures.
  • White Lotus Seed Paste
    A celebration of tradition, this mooncake embodies the essence of Mooncake Festival with its pure and subtle sweetness.

Divine Medley Mooncake Set (SGD$60)

For those seeking variety, the Divine Medley Mooncake Set offers a delightful array of flavours in both 80g and 45g sizes. This set beautifully captures the spirit of the festival through its diverse offerings.

Regular Mooncakes, 80g
  • Single Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste
    Tradition meets innovation with the single golden egg yolk at the center, complementing the classic White Lotus Seed Paste.
  • Wu Ren (Five Nuts)
    Nut enthusiasts will revel in the combination of almonds, walnuts, melon seeds, sesame seeds, and cashew nuts in this 80g mooncake.
Mini Mooncakes, 45g
  • Custard
    A burst of creamy delight awaits as you savour the smooth and velvety custard lava filling.
  • Black Sesame Mochi
    The chewy texture of this mooncake harmonises perfectly with the fragrant black sesame paste, providing a delightful textural contrast.
  • Matcha with Red Bean Paste
    Delicate matcha meets the comforting richness of red bean paste, creating a delightful interplay of flavours.
  • Red Bean Paste with Dried Tangerine Peel
    Tradition takes a zesty twist with the pairing of red bean paste and dried tangerine peel.

Unveiling Tradition, Preserving Excellence
Tai Cheong Bakery’s Mooncake Sets not only preserve the essence of tradition but also exemplify the dedication to quality. With certifications that ensure the highest standards of food safety and quality, these mooncakes are a testament to the bakery’s commitment to its customers.

Tai Cheong Bakery’s Mooncake Sets will be available for the public to purchase at all Tai Cheong outlets from 16 August 2023 with the exception of Changi Airport Terminal 3. Don’t miss this chance to indulge in the authentic flavours of Tai Cheong Bakery’s legendary mooncakes and experience the rich heritage of Hong Kong’s culinary artistry.