swimming pool inground lights


The construction and general ownership of a swimming pool is serious business. Other than enjoying a lovely swim, moving swiftly and gracefully in the pool, pool maintenance is really important. For instance, the pump should be in perfect working condition and the water has to be heated and treated at the right time. There are a lot of different tools that you will require for your pool and you can find a few essential ones listed here.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of having the right kind of inground pool light and the factors to consider before getting one.

Why Do You Need an Inground Pool Light?

Given the extra cost of installation, many people, especially private owners, question the need for one. So, why should you consider having this installed?

Beauty and Aesthetics

When installed, the sight is unbelievably beautiful and it triggers the desire for a night swim. Often, this is a period when some people shy away from swimming for many reasons.

You can also add a personal touch to the beauty by using various shades. A combination of two or more colours will look great but you can also simply stick to one. Whichever it is, your preference counts here.

Clarity When Swimming

Regardless of how large and deep the pool is, the light will reveal things around. This is more prominent at night and you will be also be able to notice when the pool is dirty.

When in proper working condition, this installation can help you notice a drowning person as the lights make everything around appear clear.

Rather than depend on the ones installed outside, these products are your best bet. They are positioned in strategic places that allow you to see things clearly. To enjoy all these and more, the right product is needed. For more on this, you can visit companies such as https://bluewaterspoolservices.com/pool-lights/ from where you can get the best products and services.

Qualities of a Good Inground Pool Light

The right product should possess the following qualities:


This does not only refer to the cost of purchase. The ideal product should not consume too much energy and result in hefty electricity bills. You will need something that can serve you well without putting a strain on your finances.

Minimal Heat Emission

Although light emits heat, innovation such as LED has made things better and a good product will not emit too much heat.

This is particularly important for the safety and comfort of the swimmers. You do not want swimmers who come in contact with the light to get hurt.

Sufficient Brightness

A light that does not shine well defeats the purpose of installing it. This is particularly important for pools with a dark underlay. For such, there is a need for more bulbs to be installed around and this will ensure that the swimming premises is well lit.


If it is a good product, you will not have to replace it any time soon. An inground pool light should be able to see you through a long period. You do not want to go through the stress of installing it over and over again.

Guaranteed Safety

As with other electrical installations, it has to be made in line with global safety standards. You should not have to worry about electrocution in the pool.

Water is an electrical conductor; so, if an electrical installation is to be done, it should be very safe for use. This is one of the most vital qualities. 

To achieve this, the light should for one, be well concealed in the glass to prevent any contact with water. This means that the thickness of the glass cover matters a lot.


With recent technological trends, these products do not necessarily have to reflect a static shade. Some of these products can be operated with apps installed on your mobile phone and even allow you to alter the shade and brightness.

On a Final Note

Are you looking for ways to make your pool look attractive?

Installation of a good inground pool light is one way you can go about this. In this article, we have addressed what you stand to gain by having these products installed. Furthermore, the qualities of the ideal kind of light have been explained here.

It’s now all up to you to take the step to bring the touch of class that this addition can bring to your recreational facility. With the numerous service providers available to get this done for you, you really have no reason not to.