summer jobs in ibiza


If you love summertime and are looking for your next destination, then Ibiza in Spain can be the right place for you. Ibiza is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s famous for its nightlife scenes. This is the perfect place for dance and club lovers to spend one memorable summer if you are in a gap year or before accepting a full-time job role.

Partygoers who have experienced the nightlife in Ibiza describe the city as a legendary one with many opportunities for both students and immigrants. Seasons change, and with it comes a lot of job openings that can allow you to stay in this beautiful city while earning at the same time.

Tourists also love the fantastic beaches and the crystal-clear turquoise waters, and there is no shortage of entertainment in Ibiza. Since the city is the third-largest area in the Balearic Islands, it has been dotted with several clubs like the Eden, Space, and Privilege that are also famous throughout Europe.

For those who want to take a break from partying, there are whitewashed villages and unspoiled sceneries that are great for resting. The fine sandy beaches and historical attractions make this place an idyllic one to live in.

How to Earn While Living in Ibiza?

Summer provides plenty of job opportunities but bear in mind that there are also many other people who are coming to the islands at this time of the year. Hence, it’s essential to connect with companies that offer summer jobs in Ibiza first. Visit their careers’ pages and see the available vacancies and requirements. Thereafter, apply for vacancies that best matches your skills and personality.

PR for Disco Bars and Clubs

Ibiza and parties often go hand in hand, and public relations is very important as a result. Public relations are essential since the people on it are the ones who advertise about the available night outs and discounted drinks. 

Some of the required tasks are to attract tourists, talk with people, give them flyers, put up colorful posters, and be a social butterfly overall. What you need for this kind of job is a lot of stamina, and at the start of the season, the more your customers are, the larger the pay will be, but this, of course, still depends on the club.

Sell Tickets for Exclusive Memberships and Parties

The job is rather similar to PR, and it’s essential that you are outspoken and sociable when you sell the tickets. Many booths dot Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio, and you could be assigned to one of them. The job is to explain each party’s interesting highlights, bring tourists to your booths, and keep an open eye to what’s happening around.

Waiters and Waitresses

Working in a bar is probably the most popular job in Ibiza. Over 3 million tourists visit each year, and the cafes, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are often the busiest in summer. More often than not, there’s a very high turnover of employees in these industries. 

However, do note that it can be quite challenging to apply for these jobs even before the summer has officially started. One very helpful tip is to apply early. You can also find more tips on this site here: https://m.kidshealth.org/AllChildrens/en/teens/summer-job.html?WT.ac=m-t-ra.

Sports at the Beach

Many people like to hire nets and equipment to play beach volleyball. Others wanted to go jet skiing, diving, and water skiing. With these kinds of sports, you can provide the tourists with the equipment they need or work alongside the coach and provide support. 

Most companies who are running sports businesses in Ibiza may require you to have the right qualifications, so it’s better to check first before applying. You can start with Ocean Mania if you love wheels and karting.

Aside from the ones mentioned above; hotels and serviced apartments can also offer you accommodation and provide you with an income source while staying in Ibiza. You might also get free passes to nightclubs and other freebies while working.