storage ideas for small home


Tiny homes have become more popular in recent times. There is a mistaken assumption that a small space feels cramped up and uncomfortable. We are here to tell you that anyone can live in a small area and still find bliss and comfort. It all comes down to your efficiency in utilising the space. Make sure to save more space with the use of smart storage ideas.

A tiny home is, of course, small. However, the functionality of a small space can be similar to a big area. Again, it all boils down to the manner that you utilise that tiny space. A tiny space gives any family that lives in it an intimate experience. Any small spot can feel more spacious with a little effective space planning and smart storage solutions.

The intimacy that comes with the tiny space is an excellent benefit in living small. There are tons of perks in making the transition into a tiny home. One thing is for sure; living small offers a functional, minimalistic, and fulfilling experience.

Storage Space Under The Bed

When it comes to living in a humble home, saving space is crucial. Anyone living in a tight area should be able to make use of the dead space in their house. An excellent example of underutilised space in your home is the space under your bed. You can turn the space beneath your bed into a storage space. This area can be a great place to store your books and more.

Creating additional storage space in a tiny home is a much-needed skill. You wouldn’t want to cramp your functional spaces by placing your things there. The area under your bed is also an excellent place to store your clothes. Think of it as one of the great dresser alternatives.

The space under your bed should turn into a functional storage space. Instead of letting this space gather dust, think of ways to store your things here. You can use the space under your bed to help organise your belongings. This area can turn into book storage, jewellery storage, and many more.

Floating Shelves

Think of your walls as your next best storage solution. You can use floating shelves on your walls to store your favourite knick-knacks and other items. Adding floating shelves are a great storage solution. Create more floor space by adding floating shelves that go above your head! Make sure that the elevation remains accessible and safe. 

The best thing about floating shelves is that they can blend right into the aesthetic of your home. Nothing says “functional” than having floating shelves that store the things that you are passionate about. You can use floating shelves to keep away things from little kids. Think of floating shelves as the perfect complement to the aesthetic and your lifestyle!

Go for floating shelves that are either made of metal or wood. The best thing about the metal floating shelves is that they are more durable. But, if you like how the floating wooden shelves look, feel free to use them. Floating shelves made out of wood can be a great storage solution to add aesthetic.

A Loft Setup

One of the problems that people living in tiny houses face is the lack of a dedicated space. Living in small homes often looks like mixing a lot of your everyday activities into one space. It sure would be nice if you can find a dedicated space for sleeping and your other daily activities. 

Well, you can quickly solve this dilemma with the use of a loft. The great thing about a loft setup is that it turns a single space then it breaks that space down into two different functions. Many of the popular loft installations involve sleeping quarters and office space. You can easily find your niche and experiment with a loft setup. 

You can use a loft set up for your gaming space below and a reading nook on top. There are a lot of combinations that you can use for your loft setup. But one thing is for sure; a loft setup can be the answer to the dedicated space that you are looking for.

Wall Tables

Wall tables can be a great way to save more space in your tiny home. Wall tables do not take up a lot of space because they connect themselves to the wall. Your kitchen space will not feel cramped with the use of wall tables. Whereas, when you use a separate table, you may need to place it in the middle of the room, which takes up a lot of floor space.

There are variations of a wall table that fold in and out of your wall when not in use. You will find that these floating wall tables are an excellent solution for saving more space. Use these folding wall tables on your workspace, cooking, and dining activities.


Living in a tiny home should still feel blissful and comfortable. You do not need to throw things away or leave essential items behind when you make this small home transition. Bring all of the things that you are passionate about into your little space.

Use these smart storage ideas to create more space. These storage and space-saving hacks can help you live comfortably in your tiny home. Stay organised and enjoy the small home lifestyle!