stomp singapore


Thanks to Base Entertainment Asia, we were extremely privileged to receive the invitation to catch STOMP at the Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre and we have to say this, it was a really stomping good time!

The last time I caught STOMP in Singapore was 4 years ago [2009] at the Esplanade Theatre and when I received news that they were going to come to Singapore and perform, I was really so excited. Never had I ever imagined that I would receive invites to catch them at their opening night!

As a former percussionist/drummer of The Strikeforce [now known as Urban Drum Crew], STOMP is not foreign to me and in fact, most of the performances that were put up by my former percussions street-band had an element of STOMP in it. To get an idea of what STOMP is like, check out a video of the Chingay Performance that my former percussions street-band put up.

Of course, we can’t compare ourselves to STOMP because STOMP is way much better and cooler!

If you’re wondering whether the STOMP performance that I caught in 2009 is the same as this year’s, the answer is no. When we caught STOMP yesterday, they performed new routines with new choreography and new music/rhythm.

From supermarket trolleys to Zippo lighters, plastic bags to bin lids, the team of 8 performers from STOMP even use the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosive head-banging rhythm.

As photography and video-recording were not allowed in the theatre, we only managed to get photos of STOMP when we attended their Sneak Peek Performance that took place just this afternoon at the Marina Bay Sands Ice-Skating Rink.

Here are some snippets that we managed to capture while at STOMP’s sneak peek performance at the Marina Bay Sands Ice-Skating Rink.

STOMP’s universal language of rhythm, theatre, comedy, and dance resonates well with the audience and we believe that it would set your feet stamping and fingers drumming. Truly, STOMP’s tight coordination and strong teamwork is rather evident by the splendid performance that they put up and if you haven’t watch STOMP in action before, it is probably something you ought to do once in your lifetime.

To catch STOMP live in action, you can book your tickets via marinabaysands.com/ticketing. Otherwise you can dial 6688-8826 or head down to the nearest SISTIC Counter near you.

STOMP will be here in Singapore till 23 June 2013 [this Sunday] at the Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre and the showtimes are as follows:

Tuesday-Friday: 7.30PM
Saturday: 2PM and 7.30PM
Sunday: 1PM and 5PM

Ticket price ranges from SGD$65 to SGD$150 and the price listed exclude booking fees.

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch STOMP because they will only be here till 23 June 2013 [this Sunday]!