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Valentine’s Day is today and having planned for this very day three weeks ago, I am really happy that my effort is going to be paid off today. By the way, in case you’re wondering, this Blog Entry has been scheduled to be published at this time such that Baby doesn’t know that it is all a surprise. 🙂
Well, I have been thinking of doing something personalised for Baby and because I made a Heart-Shaped Swiss Roll Cake last December, I decided to bake her a Heart-Shaped Chocolate Chiffon Cake for this Valentine’s Day.

This was the Heart-Shaped Swiss Roll Cake that I made last December. Not sure if anybody wants the recipe but I will probably blog about it when I have the time.

From Heart Shaped Swiss Roll Cake 2012

& this is the Heart-Shaped Chocolate Chiffon Cake that I made to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Baby.

From Valentine’s Day 2013

Again, I’m not very sure whether I would want to blog about how I made the Heart-Shaped Chocolate Chiffon Cake and I will probably do so if there are tons of people asking me for the recipe.

Besides the Surprise Heart-Shaped Chocolate Chiffon Cake, Baby and I are having our Valentine’s Day Dinner at LENAS [Serangoon NeX] and a Bottle of our favourite Moscato D’Asti to go along with our dinner. So romantic right?! [hehe]. If you’re wondering why we chose to go to LENAS, it’s because we absolutely loved the place, the food, and the people.

We have blogged about LENAS before so you can check out our review via the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/2011/08/18/lenas-restaurant-nex/

Also, we have blogged about our favourite bottle of Moscato D’Asti by G.D Vajra and you can find out more about it via the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/12/02/we-have-a-bottle-of-moscato-dasti-g-d-vajra-to-giveaway/

What’s Valentine’s Day without gifts right? So during the third day of Chinese New Year [while Baby was still sleeping soundly in bed], I headed over to Raffles’ Cards n Such to buy NICI’s Jolly Mah Sheep Bride and Groom.

I’m pretty sure she will love this gift a lot because we have a whole lot of NICI Plush Toys in my room! This is our current collection of NICI’s Jolly Mah [their Sheep Community]. They are really cute and we have even named them!

From Valentine’s Day 2013

By the way, the NICI Jolly Mah Sheep Bride and Groom was the one and only pair that was available at Raffles’ Cards n Such and I am really glad that I gotten it just in time for this occasion! They have a whole range of other NICI products too and this is perhaps the best place to hunt for NICI’s Plush Toys!

From Valentine’s Day 2013

Well, I’m pretty sure Valentine’s Day will be a blast and since this Blog Entry is a surprise as well, here’s my declaration of love for her:

Dearest Baby,

thank you for all the sacrifices that you’ve made. From the first day I met you, I knew that you were the one for me. Having gone through so much in our relationship over the last two years, I really do treasure and cherish the time that we spend together. I still remember those days when I was still in Officer Cadet School [OCS] during National Service [NS] and how you would always come over to my place to prepare with me, the cyalume sticks and dummy grenades that I need for my outfield training. In every milestones of my life, whether its NS, OCS, or ORD; you were there with me and I really appreciate having you in my life.

You have taught and shown me what “it is more blessed to give than to receive” means and because of you, I have also learnt the importance of finance management. Well, on this Valentine’s Day, I hope that you like what I have prepared for you and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, every single day, every single minute. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you!

With Much Love,

Well, I hope this isn’t mushy for all you readers.

On a separate note, 3 of our Winsomelifers should be receiving the Sticky Ties tomorrow on Valentine’s Day and we really enjoyed organising the giveaway that was proudly sponsored by Sticky Ties. In case you’re wondering what Sticky Ties are, check out our blog entry about Sticky Ties via the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/12/28/stay-sticky-with-sticky-ties/

From Valentine’s Day 2013

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Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

Here’s the both of us [Jacqueline & Melvin] wishing all of you Winsomelifers a Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

From Chineses New Year 2013

Time really flies and in the blink of an eye, it is already the month of February and we are really very grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have been offered to us time and time again. If any of you remember, we recently organised an Exclusive Blog Giveaway that was sponsored by Sticky Ties and we are really happy to announce the following Winsomelifers who have won themselves a set of 5 Sticky Ties.

They are:

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Anyway, in January alone, we attended more than 5 events and we received tons of requests for sponsorship write-ups. Well, due to our busy schedule, we might not be able to accommodate all of the requests but nevertheless, we really would like to thank all of our partners for giving us the awesome opportunity to write for them.

Well, today is the first day of the Chinese New Year and I believe many of you should be visiting your relatives and friends and getting Ang Pows too. Therefore, we are also expecting our readership to fall this month as everyone should probably be spending quality time with their family and loved ones. Here’s a gentle reminder for all the guys out there, Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away so don’t forget to plan a really sweet surprise for your other half! 🙂

Anyways, a few weeks ago, Baby and I went to Chinatown and it was really packed with people! Since we didn’t want to visit Chinatown nearing Chinese New Year because of the expected heavy human traffic + road closures, we went earlier but there were still quite a number of people. Although the weather wasn’t fantastic [because it was raining rather heavily], we had quite a fruitful time at Chinatown because we bought a couple of things and discovered some new stuffs that might just interest you. Hence, the remainder of this blog entry would very much be about our recent experience in Chinatown.

While walking along Chinatown, we spotted a couple of stores selling Ang Pows [Red Packets] and some of them were sold for quite a good price. We daresay that the Ang Pows that are being sold now are way better and attractive than when I was a kid.

From Chineses New Year 2013

After purchasing some Ang Pows which we felt were quite cute, we spotted a store that was selling embossed metal plates. Well, we’ve been thinking of how we could “decorate” our car and we actually did considered having customised paint designs but because it was too expensive, we went to search for alternatives. So, when we spotted this particular store, we decided to customised a metal plate to put up at the back of our car because it was really affordable. If you happen to spot our customised metal plate on the roads or just about anywhere, you could snap a picture and post it up on our Facebook Page via the following link: http://www.facebook.com/awinsomelife and you can stand to win a GV Gift Card worth SGD $38! Happy Hunting!

From Chineses New Year 2013

We didn’t know that The Singapore Coins and Notes Museum was in Chinatown [Pagoda Street to be exact] and we popped by to see what they have to offer.

Presenting to you the World Largest Coin which requires two people to carry! The hole in the middle is for a pole to go through so that the coin can be carried on the shoulders of the people carrying it.

From Chineses New Year 2013

The Singapore Coins and Notes Museum also has a coin minting machine which you can try out for SGD $2. All you have to do is just head to the payment counter to purchase a “blank” coin and you will also be given a small gift pouch to put the coin in.

From Chineses New Year 2013

This is the minting machine.

From Chineses New Year 2013

And ta-dah, a newly minted coin which cannot be used for payment but can be kept as a keepsake souvenir.

From Chineses New Year 2013
From Chineses New Year 2013

After spending 15 minutes at the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum, we went on to get a customised Wooden Crafted Seal for me. The seal is done on the spot and takes about 10 minutes.

From Chineses New Year 2013

The Master Carver testing out the seal that he carved for me.

From Chineses New Year 2013

and this is how the “end result” of my seal looks like.

From Chineses New Year 2013

It so happened that on the day we visited Chinatown, it coincided with the Chinatown Lighting Up Ceremony. Well, it was nothing fantastic because the crowds were jostling with one another and the worst thing was, the event started extremely late!

From Chineses New Year 2013

Anyhows, this very much concluded our short day spent at Chinatown.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone of you a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Stay tuned to more updates from us.

God bless!

Our current giveaway for a set of 5 Sticky Ties have ended and we are proud to announce the following winners whom have won themselves a set of 5 Sticky Ties that are proudly sponsored by Sticky Ties.
The 5 Lucky Winners are:

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Last month, we also organised another giveaway where we gave away a Bottle of Moscato D’Asti by G.D Vajra. Well, one of our reader, Jason Koh, won the giveaway and we met up with him last week to present the prize to him.

From Blog Giveaway 2012 [Moscato]

Well, if you have took part in the previous giveaways that we have organised and you have not won, fret not because we are going to organise quite a number of giveaways that will be coming right up soon!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

First and foremost, here’s both Jacqueline and I wishing all of you Winsomelifers a Happy New Year 2013!
As I was in Ipoh [my hometown] over the weekends since last Saturday, I wasn’t able to Blog and hence, that kinda explains the lack of Blog entries over the last few days. Nevertheless, because it is New Year’s Day today, I will not let this day slip by without Blogging a single entry.

Well, as much as I would love to Blog about my recent trip to Ipoh, I am currently unable to do so as I have tons of photos that have yet been edited. However, if you have been following me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you might have caught some snippets which I shot during my trip.

From this trip alone, I’ve learnt many things and one of them which really left a deep lasting impression on me is that no matter how tough the going can be, my pillar of strength, encouragement, and refuge, will always come from my own family members and loved ones. I will definitely dwell more on this topic in my coming blog entries because I really want people [especially the younger ones] to know that they should appreciate their family members more and not take them for granted.

Anyways, we have received more than 30 entries for the current giveaway that we are having and we also saw some pretty interesting and creative answers to our question, “Where would you want to paste the Sticky Ties should you win this contest?”. Well, if you haven’t submitted your entry and you would like to win yourself a set of 5 Sticky Ties, do hurry as the giveaway will end in 25 days time!

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Last but not the least, we really want to thank all of you Winsomelifers for being our awesome readers. In fact, we are really happy to announce that our Blog has gotten more than 100,000 views all-time and for the month of December, we had gotten 862 views a day! Besides that, we now have 50 Fans on our Facebook Page and our Winsomelifer’s Programme currently has 54 members! All these would not have been possible if not for the tremendous support from all of you and we really want to thank you all for your unwavering support and love. Also, all glory be unto the LORD because if not for Him, we wouldn’t have had the supernatural favour and abundance of blessings that kept pouring into our lives!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!