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Time flies and guess what; Jacqueline and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!
To celebrate this special occasion, I intended to get something really special for Jacqueline and to my delight, I was able to find the perfect gift when I was browsing through Soo Kee Jewellery’s online retail store.

Why shop online and not offline in a brick and mortar store?

Well, for one, I like the fact that I don’t have to go all the way down to the store to make a purchase and since all purchases done online usually comes with free shipping right to the doorstep, it makes things downright convenient and hassle-free! This is why e-store always appeal to me (yes, I’m bias towards e-stores).

Secondly, Soo Kee is Singapore’s leading public listed jeweller and it gives me the added assurance and confidence that my purchase is guaranteed. To top it all off, all local orders are fully insured by Soo Kee.

And last but not the least, I wouldn’t have to face any sort of pressure to make a purchase especially when it can be quite a daunting experience to get an expensive gift at the jewellery store. It certainly doesn’t help when a salesperson tries to force you into buying a jewellery that may not even be the ideal gift.

So what have I got for Jacqueline from Soo Kee?

I got her a pair of Lustria Butterfly Earrings in 18K white gold and rose gold with 4 diamonds that’s approximately 0.07 carat. Since Jacqueline don’t really fancy wearing a necklace or bracelet, a pair of earrings would make the most sense and she really love it when she received the surprise gift from one of Soo Kee’s staff (it even came with a 12-stalk bouquet of champagne roses).

If you are planning a proposal or if you are probably thinking about getting an anniversary gift, you might want to consider checking out Soo Kee online store and see if there’s anything suitable that you can get. After all, there’s not that many reputable online local jewellery shops around where you can honestly shop with confidence.

What I really like about Soo Kee’s e-store is that it has a wide array of certified diamonds and range of gifts. If you are looking for a unique proposal ring, you can even customise and personalise your very own proposal ring (yes, you can choose the size of the diamond, the kind of ring setting, and even get the ring engraved).

So what will you get for an anniversary gift or perhaps even a birthday gift for your loved ones?

For more information about Soo Kee online store, you can visit their website here and also like their Facebook Page!


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