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First and foremost, we would like to thank all you readers for participating in our SingTel 4G Contest. The response was truly overwhelming and we are really humbled by the keen participation from everyone single one of you.
Without further ado, we will be revealing the three lucky winners of the $20 NTUC Fairprice Vouchers that are kindly sponsored by SingTel.

Here is a list of participants whom have participated in our SingTel 4G Contest. Names are arranged according to the time we received the email from the respective participant.


The three lucky winners are selected by a random number generator.


And the three random numbers that were generated are…

A hearty congratulations to Jason Koh, Quek Song Chua, and Helen Yow for winning our SingTel 4G Contest. Each of them will walk away with a $20 NTUC Fairprice Vouchers that are sponsored by SingTel.

For the rest of the participants whom did not win in our SingTel 4G Contest, don’t despair because we are currently running a contest where we will be giving away 5 pairs of Golden Village Movie Tickets that are sponsored by ciNE65 and Golden Village.

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So, do stay tuned to us for more exciting freebies and giveaways!

Last Saturday, we attended the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony 2013 that was organised at Shanghai Dolly by OMY and it was a good time of catching up with our friends from the blogosphere. This annual event is a rather big event for bloggers and it always gets bigger and better every year.
The theme for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards is the 1960’s and we found it really meaningful. It was through the theme that we learnt how the people in the 1960’s live and what their culture were like. To be honest, Jacqueline and I didn’t thought of participating in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards 2013 as we didn’t felt like we had the chance of even winning anything. However, a really good Blogger friend of ours, Mag, felt that we had the potential and nominated us for the Best Lifestyle Blog Category.

Seriously, there are a lot of Lifestyle Bloggers in Singapore and even then, the title of a “Lifestyle Blogger” can be rather generic and vague. As a matter of fact, lifestyle can cover anything and everything from topics like fashion and entertainment to topics like food and events. Hence, we were extremely surprised when the results were out and we ended up as the Top 10 Finalists for the Best Lifestyle Blog! Looking back, I guess we have come a long way now and it definitely wasn’t easy as the Best Lifestyle Blog Category was a hotly-contested one.

Although we didn’t clinch the title of “Best Lifestyle Blogger”, it didn’t matter to us because we know that all this wouldn’t even have happened if not for our Blogger friend, Mag, whom believed in us and nominated us. Hence, a very much of our success for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards 2013 is attributed to her. Also, the other group of people whom we would like to thank would be our family members and friends whom constantly and religiously voted for us every single day. Like we mentioned from the very first day, we don’t enjoy canvassing for votes because it is such a tedious and long process. If only the voting campaign was shorter and straightforward, I believe it would have levelled the playing field as Bloggers whom have more followers would definitely have a major advantage over those who don’t.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves at the Singapore Blog Award Ceremony 2013 as both Jacqueline and I wore quirky retro outfit that kinda attracted a little too much attention. It was a blast and it was really nice meeting new people and making new friends.

Here are just some of our photos that were taken during the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony 2013.

A photo of both Jacqueline and I
[Credits to Alvinology.com for the Photograph]

A photo of Jacqueline in her retro 1960’s outfit.

A photo of myself in my retro 1960’s outfit.

Here’s a short interview of the bloggers at the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony 2013

Since we don’t usually have the time for some me-posts [a.k.a personal posts], here are just some heads-up information about our coming blog posts [arranged in order of sequence] that you might want to look out for:

  • [5 Pairs of Golden Village Movie Tickets Giveaway]-Sponsored by ciNE65
  • A Preview of the Kia Forte K3
  • Announcement of the Winners for the $20 NTUC Vouchers Sponsored by SingTel
  • [2 Packets of Cafedirect Ground Full Roast Coffee Giveaway]- Sponsored by Cafedirect
  • Announcement of the Winners for the Golden Village Movie Tickets Sponsored by ciNE65
  • A Preview of the New Nokia 925 Smartphone
  • Annoucement of the Winners for the Cafedirect Ground Full Roast Coffee Sponsored by Cafedirect
  • [2 Bottles of Jaillance Semillon Sparkling Wine Giveaway]- Sponsored by Jaillance
  • Our 2013 Trip to Taiwan [Xinshe Castle in Taichung & Mushroom Farm]
  • Announcement of the Winners for the Jaillance Semillon Sparkling Wine Sponsored by Jaillance
  • [2 Tins of Cafedirect Sao Tome Hot Chocolate Giveaway]- Sponsored by Cafedirect
  • Our 2013 Trip to Taiwan [Carton King & Banana New Paradise]
  • Announcement of the Winners for Cafedirect Sao Tome Hot Chocolate Sponsored by Cafedirect

Do note that the upcoming blog posts may be subjected to changes as we might be attending some other product launches and events that may fall in between the scheduled blog posts. Nevertheless, we look forward to all of your wonderful participation as we work with our partners and sponsors to bring you great content and products! 🙂

Stay tuned!

We have been using SingTel’s 4G network for awhile now and the experience is truly enjoyable! Make no mistakes about it; though we know that many people may be skeptical about SingTel’s 4G network, our experience with it has proven that SingTel’s 4G network is undeniably the best in Singapore.
4G mobile network is essentially known as fourth generation mobile network and it is technically termed as Long Term Evolution [LTE]. With 4G network, the speeds at which data is being transferred are typically faster than using 3G network.

In case you’re wondering, SingTel’s 4G network expansion does not affect the quality of SingTel’s 3G network services in any way because both SingTel’s 3G and 4G services operate on separate networks. As a matter of fact, with more mobile users adopting 4G services, the quality of 3G services are expected to improve over time.

Just to let you know, we were issued with a review kit that consisted of a Huawei E392 USB Dongle and a SIM Card that hooks up to SingTel’s 4G network. Though the Huawei E392 USB Dongle wasn’t as compact as we hope for it to be, it was nevertheless still portable to carry around.

The Huawei E392 USB Dongle

Over the last 1 month, we were using SingTel’s 4G Network for all of our blogging needs and that includes uploading of photos, downloading of documents, surfing the Internet for information and streaming Youtube videos. Since we’re always out and about, we have tried using SingTel’s 4G Network at various locations and we must say, the speed is amazingly fast!

This is the sort of speed that we usually get when using SingTel’s 4G Network.

However, in case you’re wondering, we don’t achieve such fantastic results when we’re underground in the MRT Tunnels and at times, we might even get a 3G network instead of a 4G network. Even then, we still get a typical download speed range of 1.7 Mbps to 4.8 Mbps.

The speed range may vary between users and it is subjected to the device used, hardware and software limitation, 4G network coverage/traffic, distance between user and base station, nature of built-up area, source of website and other external factors.

Based on independent speed tests conducted by HardwareZone.com.sg, CNET Asia, and Digital Life, it is clear that SingTel’s 4G network offers users a consistently faster data download speeds.

Do you know?

SingTel is deploying cutting edge Multiple Input Multiple Output [MIMO] technology for 4G subscribers to enjoy download speeds of up to 150Mbps! That is double the 75Mbps speeds of conventional 4G networks and it has already been deployed in shopping malls like Serangoon Nex and Tampines Mall.

If you’re interested to check out and signup for SingTel’s 4G network, do visit SingTel’s Website for more information.

Having said so much about SingTel’s 4G network, we are conducting a giveaway that is kindly sponsored by SingTel. All you have to do is to answer 3 questions correctly and you can stand a chance to be one of the three lucky winners to win $20 worth of NTUC Fairprice Vouchers.

The 3 questions are:

1). What technology has SingTel deployed for 4G subscribers to enjoy download speeds of up to 150Mbps?

2). What does the term, “LTE” stands for?

3). In this article, we wrote that SingTel has deployed a technology which allows subscribers to enjoy fast download speeds of up to 150Mbps. Which two shopping malls are they?

Submit your answers via email with the subject, “SingTel 4G Contest” to admin@awinsomelife.org

3 lucky winners will be selected by a random number generator and the closing date for the contest is 12 July 2013, 2359 hours.

Good luck and remember to submit your entries as soon as possible! Godspeed!

Some time ago, we were invited to preview the Optimus G Pro Smartphone at the Patisserie G @ Millennia Walk, and we had the opportunity to touch, feel, and play with the Optimus G Pro Smartphone.
[Credits to LG Mobile Singapore for the image]

The Optimus G Pro is the first smartphone in Singapore with a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display and it has double the resolution compared to a HD IPS display. With the immersive Full HD IPS display on the Optimus G Pro, it offers users an optimal image quality.

The Optimus G Pro sports a very urban and sleek look and with its crystal reflection, the Optimus G Pro is stunningly attractive as well. Available in two colours, Indigo Black and Lunar White, the Optimus G Pro has a size of 150.2mm X 76.14mm X 9.4mm and weighs 172g. Due to its slim design, the Optimus G Pro allows users to have an optimal grip that fits perfectly into their hands.

Utilizing the latest advanced technology, the Optimus G Pro features an array of multi-dimensional user experience [UX] features that enhance the users’ engagement with the smartphone and we really like a few of them. In case you’re wondering, some of the UX features like the QSlide 2.0 are already available on the LG Optimus G Smartphone.

QSlide 2.0

The QSlide 2.0 function allows users to overlay two different screens simultaneously on one display. This hence allows users to do two things at once, such as send a text message or search the web while also watching a video.


The Optimus G Pro is the world’s first smartphone that is equipped with an all-in-one remote control. To use this function, users just have to register the home appliances into the Optimus G Pro and thereafter, the user can control the electronic devices through infrared signal. The QuickRemote supports up to nine home electronics or appliances such as TV sets, set-top boxes, air conditioners, audio visual equipments, projectors and blu-ray players from a variety of brands. This is definitely one UX feature of the Optimus G Pro that we really love!

Smart Video

With advanced eye recognition technology, Smart Video recognizes the position of the viewer’s eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user.

Dual Camera and Dual Recording

The Dual Camera and Dual Recording functions allow users to capture pictures or videos with both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Users can now partake in the video during any special moments and capture all the wonderful expression made from both sides of the camera.

VR Panorama

The VR Panorama function allows the creation of seamless and picturesque 360° view of scenic shots horizontally and vertically.

Pause and Resume Recording

The Pause and Resume Recording feature allows for the recording of short snippets of videos which can then be viewed as one uninterrupted video, thereby reducing the time and effort taken to string the clips together to form a continuous running clip. This is a rather useful UX feature that will come in handy for users whom are constantly producing videos as it will cut short the time needed for video-editing.

In addition to all these wonderful UX features that are available on the Optimus G Pro, the swift 1.7 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ quad-core processor enhances the processing power of the smartphone by up to 24%! This hence supports data transfers and the launch of resource-intensive applications at blazing fast speed.

The Optimus G Pro runs on the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 platform and has a 2GB DDR RAM and an onboard memory capacity of 16GB. The memory capacity is expandable with a microSD card of up to 64GB. The Optimus G Pro uses the MicroSIM card and it supports 4G mobile networks.

The Li-Ion battery on the Optimus G Pro is removable and has a capacity of 3140mAh. This is the largest battery capacity for a 5.5-inch smartphone. Besides charging the smartphone using the USB cable, the Optimus G Pro can also be charged using a wireless charging dock that is sold separately. As such, you can charge the Optimus G Pro conveniently anywhere, any time.

With the growing demand for 4G smartphones, the Optimus G Pro smartphone is a phone not to be missed as it supports all LTE frequency bands. This makes it compatible with any 4G LTE network in the world. With a quad-band mobile antenna, the Optimus G Pro is able to secure the fastest LTE speeds, supporting both 2×2 and 4×2 multiple-input-multiple-output [MIMO] channel configuration. Hence, it is no surprise that the LG Optimus G Pro was awarded the Best LTE Device/Handset Award at the LTE World Summit 2013 that took place at Amsterdam.

[Credits to LG Mobile Singapore for the image]

The Optimus G Pro will be available in Singapore early July for the price of $868 and if you’re looking for a high-performance smartphone that is stylish and sleek, you might want to consider the Optimus G Pro for your next phone purchase.

For more information about the LG Optimus G Pro, do check out LG’s Website and  and if you would like to be kept updated about LG’s upcoming mobile phones and promotions, do like LG Mobile Singapore Facebook Page.

In our next entry, we will be sharing about our user-experience with SingTel’s 4G Network and it will definitely be an insightful read because with more and more upcoming 4G smartphones that will be launching soon, it would be good for you to know how you can benefit from SingTel’s 4G Network.