Singapore Shell Petrol


It has been a super duper long time since I last have my own personal vehicle but thanks to the occasional opportunities that I get to test-drive cars; I occasionally have the privilege of driving around our little island and escape from the always-crowded public trains.

Believe it or not; in the past, I will head to Shell Petrol Station to pump my car’s fuel tank with Shell V-Power Nitro+ at least once a month and this was only because I noticed a significant difference between and its competitors. Whenever I pumped Shell V-Power Nitro+, the driving experience was always smoother and there was an improvement in my car’s fuel efficiency. In fact, you might be surprised to know that the efficiency and power of the Shell V-Power Nitro+ was also extensively tested on Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars on the tracks.

Although Shell V-Power Nitro+ may be the most expensive premium fuel in Singapore, the benefits it has on the car engine in the long run certainly outweighs its cost.

Formulated with a unique double action formula to prevent and remove performance-robbing engine deposits, Shell V-Power Nitro+ is designed to form a protective film on metal surfaces to defend against corrosion. With 25% more friction reducer, Shell V-Power Nitro+ is also designed to act instantly to improve performance, helping the engine deliver more power to the wheels.

If you are a Shell Escape customer, you will be delighted to know that from now till 31 May 2016, you can earn 2 Shell Escape Points for every litre of Shell V-Power Nitro+ purchased and if you clock up to 300 litres of Shell V-Power Nitro+ from now till 17 July 2016, you will receive the Privilege+ Pack which include:

  • Shell V-Power Nitro+ Classic Model Cars Collection – Volkswagen Van “Samba” and Mercedes-Benz 450SL (1977)
  • A limited edition Shell car organizer
  • SGD$5 worth of parking vouchers at selected malls

This post was brought to you by Shell V-Power Nitro+. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.