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When I mention the term, “Hotel Concierge”; many people would be familiar with it because the concierge desk is the place where hotel guests can go to for some help in making concert reservations, restaurant bookings and even get sight-seeing recommendations.
However, when we tell people that we run a personal concierge business, they are literally clueless about what we do and how we can help them. The personal concierge industry has been around for a really long time but in Singapore, it is still a pretty young but growing industry.

As a personal concierge business, we are problem-solvers who know how to get anything done quickly and professionally. Whether it is food delivery, mystery shopping, pet grooming, or even events planning; we do almost everything. As some requests may require the expertise of other professionals, we do have a vast network of reliable and trusted connections whom we can call on any time for special and urgent service requests.

Image Credits to The Straits Times: Mark Cheong, Photographer

Although many people would think that hiring a personal concierge is expensive, the truth is; it is not. In fact, our service rates are pretty reasonable and we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So how can a personal concierge help you in your daily life?

We can:

help you fetch your children to their piano/ballet/enrichment classes
accompany your parents/grandparents to the hospital for their medical appointments
take care of your pet when you are away for a holiday
surprise your spouse with a lovely anniversary gift
buy lunch for you when you are too busy at work

To check out the whole range of services that we provide, do visit concierge.awinsomelife.org

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