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It has been more than a decade since I was last at the Singapore Omni-Theatre and recently, Jacqueline and I were invited to a special preview of the newly-revamped Singapore Omni-Theatre.

Established in 1987, the Omni-Theatre is Singapore’s only IMAX dome theatre. The 248-seat theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art IMAX technology which delivers the world’s most immersive experience. This is possible through the combination of specially-designed facilities and quality large format films.

When we were there, we had the privilege of watching a fulldome live show and the digital fulldome movie, “Back to the Moon for Good”.

I must say, having watched both the live show and the movie, I was so extremely immersed into the movie that when I stood up after the movie, my head felt like it was spinning. If you are bringing children to the Omni-Theatre to catch a live show or movie, do ensure that they do not walk about or stand up midway as they might get a little giddy and accidentally fall down the steps.

This is a picture taken when the live show was ongoing. Like I said, it is a really immersive experience; such that even when the theatre was dark, our camera can still capture the really clear image.

Apart from the truly immersive experience, I was very much amazed with the clarity of the projection and the crisp audio coming from the audio speakers. Just so you know, the Omni-Theatre’s interior was also re-carpeted and the seats re-upholstered. Hence, they are really comfortable!

The educational films offered cover genres such as science, space, nature, animals, marine life, culture, natural disasters and more.

With the latest digital fulldome system, live shows with topical and real-time presentations on space science can be conducted by the Science Educators from the Singapore Science Centre; using the Digistar 5 software and 8K projection system that delivers unrivalled digital resolution and brightness.

With Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen, specially designed seating configuration, surround-sound effects, and the world’s latest and brightest 8K digital theatre system, the Omni-Theatre is definitely set to offer the most immersive learning experiences. For all you know, it might probably be Singapore’s best venue for edutainment.

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For more information about the ticket prices and showtimes, check out the Singapore Omni-Theatre Official Website now!