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Although my friends from overseas often tell me how clean and green Singapore is, the fact that littering is still quite rampant in Singapore remains. Whether along the streets or in the drains and rivers, you will definitely be able to find a piece of unwanted trash that is not disposed of properly. It is no wonder why after so many years, Singapore continues to impose a hefty fine to deter potential litterbugs.
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You might probably say, “Oh come on! It’s just a piece of litter. What’s the big deal about it?” but do you know, when everyone has this kind of mindset, every little bit adds up?

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Both Jacqueline and I were recently having a stroll at Punggol End Beach and we observed many adults and children having fun catching some crabs and fishes. When it was low tide, we ventured further out onto the beach and we discovered quite a number of mudskippers and many other organisms in the sand. If the grounds were all littered with trash, I bet all those organisms that we saw would not have existed and we are really happy that the residents at Punggol really takes good care of mother nature.

However, if you go to Pasir Ris Park or even Changi Beach, it is altogether a different story. Despite having numerous bins placed all over the park, there are trash still lying around and people are openly littering. Is this the right thing to do?

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What would you have done if you saw someone littering? Tell the person off? Avoid any conflicts and just pick up the litter that the litterbug has thrown after he or she has left? Or would you just leave the litter lying on the floor and pray that the wind will just blow it away?

Now, if I were to get into such a situation, I will just probably avoid any conflict and just pick up the litter that the litterbug has left and throw it away. However, to really solve the problem, it all boils down to one’s own self-discipline and sense of responsibility to the community. Education is one way of inculcating good moral values but above all, we must exercise the good habit of disposing our unwanted trash properly and over time, I’m sure it will become second nature.

Everyone in Singapore can help keep the environment beautiful and protect the local wildlife by not littering. What would you do to keep Singapore clean?

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Come and join the community initiative of Keeping Singapore Clean and share your thoughts and opinions about what we as a community can do to keep our country clean and green! You can visit Keep Singapore Clean’s Website for more information and updates.