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We had a pampering and rejuvenating body relaxation massage at The SPA-Lon [Tiong Bahru Plaza] last week and it really helped to calm our nerves and unwind after a hectic day at work.
Since 1990, The SPA-Lon has established itself as one of the leading pioneers in the field of beauty and skincare, and its devotion to building a streamlined operational infrastructure has seen The SPA-Lon expand from a humble outlet to five outlets islandwide.

When we were at The SPA-Lon, we had the body relaxation massage that lasted for an hour and it cost SGD$99. One of the oldest forms of physical therapy, a body massage does provide numerous health benefits like stress relief, increased blood circulation, improved posture, improved breathing, relief from tension headaches, and strengthened immune system. If you frequently have body massages but you don’t experience any of the health benefits as listed above, it is probably high time that you consider switching venues.

Many people tend to have the misconception and the belief that no pain is equal to no gain but we would like to clarify that in the case of a body massage; if your massage is a painful experience, it isn’t a massage at all! A proper massage is one where you are entirely relaxed and all the worries and burdens seem to have been lifted off from you.

The masseur whom was performing the body relaxation massage for us was extremely skilful and she really knows where to focus the kneading and rolling. The amount of pressure that the masseur applied was also just right and it was such an enjoyable and relaxing session that we fell asleep during the massage.

Apart from the body relaxation massage, The SPA-Lon also offers a variety of beauty and skincare products and services for both ladies and men. Whether it is for your face, eyes, hands, or even your feet, you will definitely be in for a real treat.

A fellow Blogger, Joey, visited The SPA-Lon to get her face treated and the results were astounding. If you don’t believe, you can check out the pictures on The SPA-Lon Facebook Page.

Truly, The SPA-Lon has stood firm in the market by putting in place a solid business model that is governed by honesty and integrity. This has proved to be a winning formula as they have successfully raised the level of confidence among their customers.

Based on the belief that one could lose all their material possessions but never their self-confidence, The SPA-lon aims to build confidence in their customers to flaunt their new-found beauty.

Are you ready for a beauty makeover or a pampering body massage with The SPA-Lon?

Bring out a confident and beautiful you by booking an appointment with The SPA-Lon outlet nearest to you!