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Although I’m into culinary and baking, I have never made chocolates in my entire life. After all, I always think to myself, “Why make chocolates when I can easily get it off-the-shelves?”

It was only when I first met Anjali that I started to appreciate handmade artisan chocolates. However, this does not mean that I don’t fancy other chocolates from Royce, Valrhona and the likes; it’s just that I find them too commercialised and commonplace. Handmade artisan chocolates on the other hand, are very unique and special because every chocolatiers that make them have their own unique individual style of making chocolates.

A few weeks ago, Jacqueline and I were invited by Anjali to attend a chocolate-making workshop at her newly-opened chocolate school, Temper, and we had a very delightful and enjoyable time learning to make artisan chocolates.

Anjali’s chocolate school, Temper, is aptly named [see below for the definition of chocolate tempering] and it is fully-equipped to comfortably house a group of 12 people for an intimate cosy chocolate-making session. With the air-conditioned environment, it makes it easy to work with chocolates because chocolates does not melt so easily in cooler temperatures.

For the benefit of those who are new to chocolates, tempering chocolate is an essential step for making smooth, glossy, evenly-coloured coating for dipped chocolates. It prevents the dull greyish colour and waxy texture that happens when the cocoa fat separates out and tempered chocolate produces a crisp, satisfying snap when you bite into it.

I was paired up with another gentleman for the chocolate-making workshop and together, we explored creatively and boldly to create our very own alcoholic artisan chocolate that was both minty and flavourful; boy, were we glad that the artisan chocolate that we created was very well received by both Anjali and the ladies who attended the workshop [even I was hooked to my own creation].

Our Creation, Minty Chocolate Truffles Coated With Chopped Hazelnuts

If you are keen to start learning how to make your own artisan chocolates, you might want to consider going to Temper for a chocolate-making workshop that is conducted by Anjali herself.

For more information about the classes that Anjali conducts or if you are interested to purchase the artisan chocolates that Anjali makes [especially when Easter is round the corner], do like AnjaliChocolat Facebook Page or visit Anjali Chocolat Official Website.

Just so you know, Anjali makes very good chocolates and she does not compromise on the ingredients that she uses. In fact, most of the ingredients Anjali use to make her chocolates are in the premium range.

As for me, I will definitely put what I learnt from Anjali to good use because I will be busy experimenting with different flavours and textures when making my own artisan chocolates during the holidays.

Keep Calm and Make Chocolates!