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Your car has been your good friend on roads leading to known and unknown destinations. If driving your vehicle has been an experience full of sheer joy for you, you must thank the tyres for connecting you to the roads you have travelled. However, even after utmost care, there may come a time in your car’s life when its tyres might need replacing. If you are anywhere in Singapore and you are unsure of finding the right car tyre shop, here is a brief guideline that could be of help.

Read on to learn more about brands, average prices, sales, and other recommendations for your next car tyre purchase in Singapore.

Goodyear : The Recommended Tyre Brand in Singapore

When purchasing tyres, choosing the right brand is important. It is easy to get confused between so many different brands of tyres. Fortunately, there is a brand that is known worldwide for its premium quality, which is Goodyear Tyres. The American tyre manufacturer is over a hundred years old and since 1964, it has maintained a reliable subsidiary in Singapore and they sell their products in most tyre shops in Singapore. 

The brand uses cutting edge technology to provide your car the stability and grip it deserves on any kind of road. These tyres are highly responsive to your slight touches on the steering wheel, making driving a real pleasure. The company ensures their tyres go through stringent safety tests so that you have a peace of mind when on the road. Whether you have a commercial vehicle, a truck, or a race car; there’s no need to worry because Goodyear makes tyres for all kinds of vehicles.

Price of Tyres in Singapore

As you zero in on the brand of tyres and prepare to buy them, budget becomes a cause of concern. Prices of tyres could vary depending on the type of tyres, such as summer, winter, all-season tyres, the size of tyres, and the type of vehicle itself (such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, and so on). 

On average, in Singapore, you could find Goodyear tyres for as low as $120 and the highest-priced ones may cost more than $900. You could go for other brands that have a slightly cheaper range but you must strike a balance when it comes to price and quality. Spending a little extra on good quality Goodyear tyres could mean that you may have to replace tyres less frequently.

Tyre Sales in Singapore

If you are not in a rush to change your tyres (unless it’s an emergency), it makes sense to look out for tyre sales where you could shop on a shoestring budget. Most tyre manufacturers offer end-of-the-year discounts, so the holiday season is a great time to replace your car tyres. A tyre shop in Singapore typically allow users to purchase tyres online and providing good deals on reputed tyre brands. Feel free to check their website as you could end up with a lucrative offer that enables you to save 20-30% percent on new tyres. Always choose reputed tyre sellers to get good pricing quotes on quality products.

Drive Safe

It does not matter whether the road to your destination is long or short. It also does not matter whether you own a high-end luxury car or a hatchback. What matters is that the right tyres must be paired with your vehicle to make your drive safe and worry-free. Continue to monitor the health of your tyres and only choose the best when the time comes for replacement. Buy branded and reliable car tyres in Singapore at affordable prices and enjoy your journey with an ease of mind.