shirley wong singapore


I always have the impression that intricate, cute, and creative Japanese bento sets are extremely difficult to make but after attending a bento-making workshop that was conducted by Shirley a.k.a. @LittleMissBento; I now know that it isn’t really that difficult at all.

An award-winning bento artist and also a cookbook author based in Singapore, Shirley is also the first certified Singaporean instructor with the Japan Sushi Instructors’ Association and a bento specialist for Bento&co. Just so you know, Shirley’s bento creations have been featured in numerous local and international media and it was indeed a privileged for Jacqueline and me to have learnt from her in person.

If you also want to learn how to make attractive and tasty bento sets for your children, you really should check out littlemissbento.com and consider purchasing one of Shirley’s book entitled, “Kawaii Bento”. You can get the book from all major bookstores in Singapore including Kinokuniya Singapore, Popular, Times bookstores!

As the bento-making workshop that we attended was organised by the folks from RICE and Motherswork, we also had the opportunity to learn about RICE, a Danish home wares and accessories company that is well known for their colourful melamine, handmade baskets and storage, and their hand glazed tableware.

Founded in late 1998 by Charlotte, RICE offers home wares and accessories that are down to earth but still funky, fun, and functional.

For me personally, I find the home wares and accessories really colourful and they are very suitable for organising a fun and funky party at home. Some of the home wares are also children-friendly and good for decorative purposes at home! With beautiful designs that have such a powerful and positive meaning to it, RICE’s home wares and accessories also serve as an inspiration too.

What struck me the most about RICE and its products?

Well, it has got to be RICE’s corporate social responsibility.

As most of RICE’s products are made by workers in third world countries; they ensure that all of their joyfully colourful products are produced with high regards to human rights, healthy labour conditions and with no use of child labour.

RICE also does charity and takes an active part in developmental projects around the world. They cooperate with different organisations to create viable and socially responsible development in third world countries.

To check out RICE’s collection of products that are available in Singapore, you can drop by the Motherswork Retail Store at Great World City.