sg emergency preparedness


It’s a Saturday evening and after a satisfying dinner; you decide to bring the whole family to check out the magnificent Christmas lighting along Orchard Road and spend some quality family time.
Suddenly, you hear a loud “boom” and the next moment; you see shards of glass raining on the streets and you hear people screaming and running amok.

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What will you do?

If I found myself in that situation; I will be stunned momentarily (that’s for sure). But at the same time, I know I cannot stay there permanently and the most immediate thing that I have to do is to check if my family is alright and move them to safety as soon as possible. Only when my family is safe and secure will I then venture out and put my first aid skills to use so that more people can be helped and rescued.

Woodlands Emergency Preparedness Day 2016//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

There are a thousand and one scenarios as to how a terrorist attack can unfold here in Singapore but how we respond to an attack (should one ever takes place) is extremely important.

Woodlands Emergency Preparedness Day 2016//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

As a nation, are we physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for an attack? If we aren’t, what are some things we can do to prepare ourselves?

Stay Alert

Be vigilant, look out for security threats and know how to respond.

Call 999 or SMS71999 if you see something suspicious.

Use the SG Secure App to provide information to the authorities.

Stay United

Build strong ties with your community.

In a crisis, stay calm and do not spread rumours.

Resume daily activities as soon as possible.

Stay Strong

Be prepared and know what to do in an emergency.

Know and apply ‘Run, Hide, Tell’, Improvised First-Aid Skills, and CPR-AED procedure.

I believe that everyone can do their part to ensure a safe and secure Singapore and as much as people would want to believe; we are now operating in an uncertain environment where it is not a matter of whether an attack can take place but a matter of when an attack will take place.

Be prepared for an emergency because to be prepared is half the victory.