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The UN defines ‘youth’ as persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years and having celebrated my birthday yesterday, I am officially no longer a youth. In other words, I am in my mid-20s and this is perhaps the turning point of my life where marriage, starting a family, and no more partying comes into play.
On this note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those whom have made my birthday an awesome one.

To My Dearest Jacqueline [a.k.a Baby]:

Thank you for being the Chief Organiser for my birthday celebration. You have done so much for me that I am really thinking hard about how I can make your upcoming birthday celebration a blast! Though we both agree that Tajiyama at Vivocity would have been a much better place to dine at, I really enjoyed having dinner with you at Rocku Japanese Charcoal Grill Restaurant. The lovely birthday card that you handmade for me is so real that a lot of people thought that we were going to fly to Taiwan yesterday. I really appreciate all that you have done for me and thank you for the unconditional love and blessings that you have showered upon me.

The Tiramisu Cake that Jacqueline bought from Four Leaves

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

Japanese Charcoal Grill Dinner at Rocku, Bugis Plus.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

It’s my third time dining at Rocku and to be honest, the quality of the food has dropped. A normal weekday dinner buffet at Rocku cost $32.84 per person and we decided that after this dining experience, we would probably stick to Tajiyama at VivoCity [although Tajiyama is slightly expensive].

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013
From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

The Lookalike Scoot Boarding Pass Birthday Card and Famous Amos Birthday Cookie.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

Everyone really thought that I was going to fly to Taiwan last night when I posted a photo of the lookalike Scoot boarding pass birthday card on Instagram. The idea for the birthday card was cleverly thought out by Jacqueline and she’s amazingly creative in making cards and gifts. Maybe she should start a business selling handmade cards. With that said, we would probably be travelling to Taiwan next month if nothing disrupts our plan.

The Famous Amos Birthday Cookie is really tasty and sweet. However, it might be a little too sweet for certain individuals. For me, I like it a lot!

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013


To My Encouraging Family Members & Relatives:

Thank you all for celebrating my birthday last Saturday at Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant. Over the last 25 years of growing-up, all of you have been my pillar of encouragement and I really appreciate all of your presence during last Saturday’s gathering. Truly, as the saying goes, “No family is perfect. We argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family, the love will always be there”.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

The Awesome Swensen’s Ice-Cream Cake that My Brother Bought

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

I have dined at Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant a couple of times in the past and I really like their food. They used to have many outlets in Singapore but it seems that the outlet at China Court is the last surviving Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

The pricing is average and the service has room for improvement. Nevertheless, if you’re into super duper spicy ramen noodles, Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant is the place.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013


To My Supportive Brother and Cheryl:

Thank you to the both of you for taking some time off to hold a separate birthday celebration for me at The Straits Wine Company last Saturday. I had a relaxed time chilling out with the both of you over a bottle of Italian Moscato D’Asti and a bottle of New Zealand Merlot Red Wine and I really enjoyed myself.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

The Straits Wine Company is honestly my favourite place to chill out. As a matter of fact, both Jacqueline and I frequent there so often that we have bought more than 20 over bottles of wine till date. The cosy ambience is really inviting and personally, I like The Straits Wine Company because it is a really lovely place for sipping glasses of wine while chatting with friends. Furthermore, The Straits Wine Company’s wine collection is vast and the price is rather reasonable. In fact, we’re planning to engage them to supply bottles of wine for our wedding banquet unless there’s other distributors that provides the greatest value for money.

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013


To My Awesome Cellgroup Members:

Despite not having seen you all for such a long time, it was really nice of you all to plan a surprise dinner for me at Manhattan Fish Market. I had a really fabulous time catching up with you all and I do look forward to more meet-ups and catching-ups. Thank you all for the lovely hoodie that keeps me warm at work.

Here’s a Photo of Me Wearing the Hoodie that my Cell Members Bought

From Melvin’s Birthday 2013

I’m no stranger to Manhattan Fish Market and they have always been my favourite place to dine at. When we dined there for my birthday, they had a Fish and Chips Set Meal Promotion that cost $10++ and it includes a soup or ice-cream and a drink. The portion size is really huge and it is really value for money. Having tried a few variations of Fish and Chips in Singapore, I personally feel that Manhattan Fish Market’s Fish and Chips is the best!

From Bugis+ Food Trail 2013


To My Friends On Social Media [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogosphere]:

To be honest, I am really overwhelmed by the number of birthday wishes on my Facebook Timeline and though we hardly meet/see each other, I really do appreciate all of your well-wishes. Thank you for not forgetting me!

With this, I would like to end off by saying a big ‘thank you’ to all of you whom have made my birthday a really joyful one.

Meanwhile, do check out my very first song cover, “Telling the World” by Taio Cruz. This was the same song that I sang for Jacqueline when I proposed to her last year. 🙂

God bless!

Hello Everyone,
today I am going to introduce to you a very popular eating place known as Chomp Chomp located @ Serangoon Gardens. For those of you whom are expatriates in Singapore, you might just want to check out this place if you prefer an alternative to Newton Food Centre. Here, you can savour the local foodfare at really good prices. The atmosphere here is lively and very vibrant. With pubs that open till the wee morning, the night scene here is something to look out for if you just want a quiet drink in a neighbourhood kind of setting.

Chomp Chomp is a good eating place for big groups of people as well. However, one disadvantage is this, finding a place to sit down and have a dinner is difficult. It’s not impossible but its really tough, and you got to be really patient in order to find the perfect spot for dining. There are dozen of stores there selling BBQ food like Stingrays, Otah, Satay and there are also other stores that sells Desserts, Drinks, Popiah, Rojak, Oyster Omelette, Noodles and etc. To be really honest with you, each store has their own unique way of cooking and hence, the taste of a BBQ Sambal Stingray for example, may different from store to store. So, you got to really frequent Chomp Chomp and try ordering from different stores so as to find the perfect taste that you’re very comfortable with.

The best thing about eating at Chomp Chomp is probably the awesome pricing!  The food is not that expensive and its shown on the store’s signages, unlike the stores in Newton Food Centre that tends to rip people’s pockets unknowingly.






The Rojak cost me $3 while the Popiah cost me $2.40 for 2. Both of them are from the same store and they taste really really good! You should try it!

Oyster Omelette



The Oyster Omelette is not bad but I might not buy from the same store ever again because the oysters are not  fresh! It cost $3 anyway. My friend, Aldaias knows the best place for Oyster Omelette and I will post an entry about that very soon!

Char Kway Teow



The Char Kway Teow is average for my taste and it cost $3. In fact, the best Char Kway Teow I have ever tasted in my life is situated at Marine Parade Food Centre, near the Macdonald’s. The name of the store is Apollo Char Kway Teow. Do check it out and perhaps you might just know the reason why I say its the best Char Kway Teow.

Longan Drink


The Longan Drink cost $3 but seriously, its very tantalising and super refreshing! What’s more, it’s so huge that it can serve 2 people!

Ice-Jelly Cocktail


The Ice-Jelly Cocktail cost about $2 and the taste is just so-so. The jelly tastes super bland and its kinda hard. In fact, the best Ice-Jelly (or also otherwise known as AiYu Jelly) that I have ever tasted is the one my mum makes at home. So, its priceless. If you want to taste some or perhaps find out how my mother makes them, do drop me an email at melvin.ocs@gmail.com and I will share with you more.

The last dish that Baby and I ordered was the BBQ Chicken Wings which costs us about $4 plus for 4 pieces of chicken wings. Pardon me for not putting up any photo of the Chicken Wings as we were both so engrossed with the wings that in the heat of the moment, we totally forgotten to take a picture of them.

In total we spent less than $20 for 2 persons and that makes up about $10 per person. For such high quality and inexpensive food, there’s a reason to visit Chomp Chomp!

Bon Appetit!