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Hello Everyone,
I have been wanting to do a review about 2 stores selling traditional beancurd also known as “Tau Huay” in Hokkien or “Dou Hua” in Chinese and now is the time!

The two stores that I am going to do a review about is Min Eryimin and Rochor Tau Huay. Ironically, both stores are situated beside one another at 4 Short Street. The nearest MRT available there is Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station and they are open daily from 0800 to Midnight.

Some Background About Traditional Beancurd

The traditional beancurd has been highly regarded as an appetising dessert not just for the Chinese but also for the Malays, the Indians and many others. Churning out quality beancurd is tough and hardwork. In fact, making beancurd is an art. Despite being a simple process, it too can be a complicated one as well.

My Experience with Rochor Tau Huay

Frankly speaking, my friends brought me there to have a taste of their traditional beancurd and since then, I avoid going there unless my friends really want to go there. Otherwise, I would not recommend them to patronise the store. The traditional beancurd that is served there are silky smooth and tasted really good with the fried “you tiaos”. Although the beancurd they serve are of quality, their service are extremely horrendous. What really happened was as such; I was queuing up in line like any other person waiting to have my order taken and when my turn came, I told the stall auntie what I wanted to have. The stall auntie then began to prepare my orders. What happened next was very much unexpected. While waiting for my order to be ready, I was scolded by another stall auntie whom shouted loudly in Chinese asking what I wanted to order (although I have already placed my order). I politely told her that I had already placed my order and that the stall auntie who took my order was already preparing it. Then, the stall auntie who took and prepared my order served my order to the guest who was in front of me instead. I then proceeded to tell her that the order was mine but she scolded me and said that I didn’t place any order with her. I argued and was “shoo-ed” off by the stall auntie whom told me I needed to re-queue if I wanted to order. Pissed off with such lousy service, I decided to go to Min Eryimin instead. (I’m not the only one who feels this way, there are others who feel the same way too)

My Experience with Min Eryimin

Although Min Eryimin is not as crowded as Rochor Tau Huay, the beancurd they serve can be comparable as the beancurd that Rochor Tau Huay serves. However, what I really liked about this store was the friendliness of the stall uncle and auntie. Although one might argue that Min Eryimin is able to provide a higher level of service because there isn’t much guests, but trust me, I have been there countless times and sometimes, the stall do get overwhelmed by huge groups of diners and yet, the stall uncle and auntie are still very friendly and calm. Since the incident at Rochor Tau Huay, I have been dining at Min Eryimin instead and have seen its customer base growing steadily. Besides its seemingly better guest service, the beancurd that Min Eryimin serves is soft, smooth, and gleaming. It too tastes better with fried “you tiaos”. The stall auntie also shared that their beancurd is handmade every morning and the process of making it is a delicate art.

So Who’s Better In My Opinion?

Although the queue at Rochor Tau Huay is always long and its place always fully packed with diners, the service they rendered are definitely below expectations. Hence, Min Eryimin wins over Rochor Tau Huay in terms of the level of service provided. In terms of the quality of beancurd, both stores are almost comparable but the one served at Rochor Tau Huay is a tinge better than Min Eryimin. Nonetheless, I would definitely prefer Min Eryimin over Rochor Tau Huay because I am more particular about service than the quality of the food served. Hence, I would recommend Min Eryimin to tourists vising in Singapore and to the friends around me. How about you readers? Which do you prefer and why? Come share your thoughts with me!

Rochor Tau Huay


Min Eryimin


The Beancurd Served at Min Eryimin


Enjoying My Bowl of Beancurd


Bon Appetit!