This is one long overdue blog post but we reckoned that it would be quite timely to publish this blog entry because its the September School Holidays! So, if you’re wondering where’s the next place to have a little bit of fun in Singapore, why not check out the Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa?
A Short Video of Our Day Out @ Adventure Cove Waterpark

Jacqueline and I visited the Resorts World Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark sometime ago and we had lots of fun and even had a few close encounters with all kinds of fishes and stingrays too!

Our first stop for the day was Ray Bay and we really want to thank Singapore Polytechnic for giving us a pair of tickets to have a close encounter with stingrays.

The Ray Bay, a place where you can have close encounters with stingrays.

Take a look at those stingrays! In case you’re wondering, the stingrays at Adventure Cove Waterpark are perfectly safe and harmless because their barbs have been removed.

As we were the only ones at Ray Bay, we had all the time in the world to feed the stingrays and touch them. If you’re worried about the stingrays, the trained instructors are present throughout to allay your fears.

Were there any unpleasant moments with the stingrays? Not really except the fact that some stingrays might gently nibble you to ask for food. But really, the stingrays are really friendly.

Tickets to Ray Bay cost SGD$38 per person and they are subjected to availability because each session can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. Little ones must be at least 5 years old and at least 107cm in height to participate. If your little ones are under the age of 12, they must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian and if you are under the age of 21, your parent/legal guardian must complete and sign the liability form.

After the Ray Bay encounter, we went to check out the rest of the remaining rides and attractions. For the little ones, there are play areas like these that are more mild and not so adventurous.

If you’re more adventurous, you can probably check out the Tidal Twister, Dueling Racer, and a whole lot of other fun rides!

Tidal Twister

A crowd pleaser with mild to wild transitions, Tidal Twister sends you careening down an unpredictable passage of swirls and slaloms, delivering maximum fun at maximum speed.

Dueling Racer

Grab a racer mat and take your friend on a dueling high-speed competitive plunge to the finish line. Clock the fastest time down this steep Dueling Racer and claim victory with the biggest thrill ever.

Pipeline Plunge

It’s like riding a water tornado in the dark! Experience dropping through an elevated chute that sends you careening down banked turns, radical twists and dips before splashing out in a pool of water.

Riptide Rocket

Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster, the Riptide Rocket is probably the most exciting and adventurous ride at Adventure Cove Waterpark. Like an intense rollercoaster on water, it combines all the powerful climbs, plunging drops, terrifying twists and tight turns to set your adrenaline pumping.

If you’re like me and you like to bummer around, you can either take a nap here…

or you can just laze on a tube and take a leisurely ride down Adventure River, floating through 14 stunning habitats including a lush jungle garden, a mysterious grotto and an underwater tunnel with a sea of marine life swimming above and around you.

Say “hello” to Uncle Ray.

Well, even if you don’t purchase tickets to Ray Bay, you can have some not really close encounters with the stingrays from the Adventure River.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to do some snorkelling at the colourful Rainbow Reef where you can enjoy some close encounters with 20,000 friendly fishes! The queue and wait might be long but it is extremely worth it!

Jacqueline posing for a photo while she snorkels away.

Our friendly snorkelling instructor whom splashed the salty cold water at us to get our bodies acclimatised to the temperature of the water at the Rainbow Reef.

Types of fishes you can try to spot at the Rainbow Reef.

A closer look at what’s underwater while snorkelling at the Rainbow Reef. Is that Nemo?

After one long day of water fun, we headed to the souvenir shop to get some souvenirs and boy, were they oh so expensive!

Fancy a Pink Dolphin?

Every time we chance upon a “Press A Penny” machine like this, we can’t help but to get a coin souvenir to keep as a momento.

Anyway, there are official photographers from Adventure Cove Waterpark whom are present to help you take photographs with their professional cameras and we highly suggest that you take as much photos as you want because you can purchase a disc that contains all the soft copies of the photos inside. Then again, the price can be rather steep and you might probably just want to waterproof your camera and snap all you want without forking out too much.

Here are the prices for the entrance tickets to Adventure Cove Waterpark!

[Image Credit to Resorts World Sentosa]

As the food prices at The Bay Restaurant is a tad too expensive and not value for money, we decided to dine at Din Tai Fung which is located outside of Adventure Cove Waterpark but within Resorts World Sentosa.

Pork Cutlet Fried Rice @ Din Tai Fung

Xiao Long Bao @ Din Tai Fung

Lychee-Peach Prawns @ Din Tai Fung

We’ll probably write about Din Tai Fung another day but well, we had a blast at Adventure Cove Waterpark and we will definitely be visiting again!

To go or not to go?

Yes you should, for a day of wet and wild fun in the sun, come and experience it all at Adventure Cove Waterpark!

Thanks to Nikon Singapore, we had the opportunity to review the Nikon COOLPIX P520 compact camera and we brought it out to the Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa for some photography fun.
As you all probably know, parking at Resorts World Sentosa is really expensive and hence, we parked our car at Sentosa’s Beach Carpark and then boarded Sentosa Bus 1 which goes to Resorts World Sentosa. The other bus that also goes to Resorts World Sentosa is Sentosa Bus 2 and if you prefer taking the Sentosa Express Train, you can do so at the Waterfront Station.

In case you’re wondering how much parking at Sentosa’s Beach Carpark cost, it cost only $1 [after 5pm on weekdays] and our entrance to Sentosa was free as we have the Sentosa Islander Card.

Now, we are going to let the photos do the talking and the photos that you see in this entry are all taken with the Nikon COOLPIX P520 [unless otherwise indicated]:

While waiting for Sentosa Bus 1

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Onboard Sentosa Bus 1

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

With the Rainbow Merlion at Resorts World Sentosa

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Outside the Universal Studios Singapore

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Popcorn Delight Near Celebrity Cafe and Bakery at the Universal Studios Singapore, Hollywood Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

A Photo with Kungfu Panda, Hollywood Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

A Photo of Far Far Away Castle at Universal Studio Singapore, Far Far Away Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

At the Waterworld [lots of real explosions and truly not to be missed], Lost World Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

A Photo with Gloria the Hippopotamus at Madagascar Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

A Photo with the loveable Monkey at Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court, Madagascar Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

A Photo with the Police Petrol Car near Mel’s Drive-In Restaurant at Hollywood Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

At the Latest Attraction, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, New York Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Inside the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase [a rather safe and slow ride suitable for children], New York Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

At the Souvenir Shop where Sesame Street Merchandise are being sold.

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Was so tempted to get Oscar the Grouch because he’s really so cute.

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

A photo of Jacqueline with the School Bus at New York Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

A photo of me at New York Zone.

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Our first time at the Transformers ride, Sci-Fi City Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

We waited nearly 40 minutes just to experience a 5-minutes thrill.

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Ended the evening with some Japanese Bento Sets from Gloria’s Snack Shack, Madagascar Zone

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

As you can see from the photos that we have taken, we had a really wonderful time at the Universal Studios Singapore with the Nikon COOLPIX P520.

On a side note, this message is for all you Students: Universal Studios Singapore is now having a promotional offer whereby you can purchase a Universal Studios Singapore Student Season Pass for only $88. This gives you 6 months unlimited access to your favourite rides and shows, as well as exclusive dining and shopping offers, from now till the end of November.

You can purchase the Universal Studios Singapore Student Season Pass at any Universal Studios Singapore ticket booth and it is valid for purchase in May and June 2013, for Students aged 13 years & up. Do note that the Season Pass usage and benefits are valid till 30 Nov 2013 only.

********** ********** ********** ********** **********

Camera Performance

To be honest, we were quite disappointed with the way the photos turned out. We took more than a hundred shots and the photos in this entry are somewhat the best photos that we have taken with it. We’re not sure if we have pushed the camera to the extreme by trying out night shots but even some indoor shots didn’t quite meet our expectations.

Some of the indoor shots that we’ve taken:

Flowers from Far East Flora

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Home-cooked Chilli Crabs with Fried Buns

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Sushi Platter from Sakae Sushi Restaurant

From Nikon COOLPIX 2013

Taking photos of moving subjects proved to be a really challenging task and most of the time, the photos turned out quite blurry. These could be due to the laggy shutter speed and autofocus system.

However, with that said, the 42x optical zoom range is mightily impressive and it allows you to shoot photos of subjects from afar. The flip-out rotating 3.2-inch LCD also allows you to take self-photos without much of a hassle. If you’re after a mega-zoom compact camera and you don’t really care about having additional features that you hardly will use, the Nikon COOLPIX P520 will work just fine as a point and shoot compact camera.

So what do you think of the Nikon COOLPIX P520?

If you’re interested, the Nikon COOLPIX P520 is available at all Nikon Authorised Dealers for $719 and for more information and updates, do check out Nikon Singapore’s Facebook Page as they have some exciting photography workshops coming up!